• Equestria Girls Find the Magic Follow Up


    Well this was a long time coming and I’m glad I can talk about probably the best villains we’ve had in this series. With the EqG movies, we basically get a lot of villains being magically rainbow magic to good and it’s not usually a bad thing. But I like the idea of still having villains. Not everyone can be your friend and thinking about it that way is a really mature thing to teach children. But with The Dazzlings, our antagonists for Rainbow Rocks, they were pretty much powered down and slipped away into obscurity. Well…show wise. The fans on the other hand? Months of Dazzlings. And after some of the hype died down, here comes a brand new video. If I were to give this music video a moral (and these girls sure and sugar need one), it would be to keep going regardless of your setbacks. And when one dream ends, start anew. Either that or make a Youtube or Tik Tok. At this point, you can be famous even while using auto tune. Let’s see what our favorite evil sea ponies are up to after losing the magic.


    “Where do we go? Every day’s the same. Do we lose the magic?”

    I cannot tell you if it’s just the animators having all the fun with lighting and shadow or if this is just something for their characters specifically, but they always have the best effects. This green smoke effect and the lighting are just a joy to the eyes. Not to mention their song. From the first line you know this is about how their magic amulets, probably the only things they had left from the pony universe, are destroyed and can’t feed off of people’s hate anymore. 


    So this did take me a couple of rewatches to understand why everyone in the audience look like they’re about to cry from having to destroy their best friend in an anime based fight. This zoned out look seems to just bring in this loneliness for the Dazzlings who are lost and don’t know where to go from here. Kinda sad in a way and that’s a tricky thing to make you feel bad for ex-villains...except for superhero movies. 


    “The days go round and round, round and round. Gotta break away. Find the great escape.”

    Yeah this might be a follow up of me just doing screenshots of my favorite scenes. This se up is breath taking. And it might be overshadowing how most of the lines for the song is talking about constantly being in a loop of never ending confusion. You won't forget the lyrics from repetition, that's for sure.


    I like how we keep having these interesting outfit choices for The Dazzlings. Spikey wristbands, fur coats, and this glam punk look that would be so much fun in the 80’s. I also want to note Sonata’s outfit. It has tacos on it. And I now need this dress. Because it has tacos on in. Ok moving on.


    “Can I find the beauty in the simple things. Can I learn to see it?”

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have an actual genuine smile on Adagio. And over something as simple as a cup of herbal tea. This was just pleasant. And with this line, it just makes it all the better. Not being super famous and trying to feel joy and happiness with something as relaxing and calming as a cup of tea. 


    I do find it kind of nice that they held onto those necklaces. Not for any evil purposes, but just because it might remind them of home. It was probably the only keepsake they have of their less human and more magical lives before being sent here by Starswirl. Probably not the best idea letting them leave with that to cause trouble in the human world, but since by design, these stones were embedded into their chests so maybe it would’ve killed them if they broke them in that way. At least here, they’re not attached to the necklace and can live without them. Of course that’s just my own head cannon.


    Ah yes. And another really great moral to follow, specifically for The Dazzlings to learn. Just because you can’t control people with your music the way you did before, doesn’t mean it can’t have a positive effect on people. You don’t need to necklace to make people listen to you. Also I love Scribble Dee in a leather jacket. That’s just so awesome and cute.


    So I know I was praising this video and song up and down, but I do have to question one thing. A lot of the people in this crowd were are Canterlot High when they came and caused all that trouble, so why not remember or doubt that they’re not being controlled? Maybe because the song is not about controlling people with their music? Maybe they still feel like themselves, but do people under mind control think that way? I mean, I know I’m going into some metaphysical sciences here, but I’m not always one to trust someone who sings to make people angry at each other and are now singing here again. But then again, how many demons of evil magic has this town forgiven? Too many? Yeah I thought so.


    This is such a subtle change here in Adagio’s face. Realizing that her music can still affect people in a better way than before and that maybe this necklace still has some magic in it after being broken. These three showing such a genuine happiness about still having some magic left in them is actually really sweet. I know they’re probably not completely good and probably don’t regret what they did in Rainbow Rocks, but in cases like these, you can leave the past in the past to start off fresh and new. 

    And that was Find the Magic, still one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite villains. There’s always so much to unpack with villains being conformed and how it should work with their characters. Characters like Trixie, Discord and The Dazzlings kind of move on from their past and not let it hold them down from restarting. Others like Sunset Shimmer, Luna, and Starlight Glimmer learn from it and teach others not to make their same mistakes. And then you have Tirek, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis and Storm King who are not going to repent and then murdered in a children’s show. The Dazzlings really was what got me to liking Equestria Girls more and not having to fully think about the first movie, but the movies only got better from here so I’m glad we get to see them again trying to pick up the pieces of their own lives. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to find a way to sew tacos onto all my clothes.