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    Luna Is Not Overrated
    By: Hononoken the Samurai

    Ever since "Luna Eclipsed" aired in 2011, Princess Luna has become an incredibly popular character among fans, many considering them to be their favorite among the princesses. However, Luna has also developed something of a negative reputation among other fans, those who consider her overrated, unworthy of the praise she gets and that her appearances take away from other characters. Sure, not all of them claim to consider her a bad character, but the criticisms are still there.  

    I have never understood this mindset, no matter how hard I try. Luna was clearly developed as a character that could appeal to a variety of people (much like FiM as a whole). She's reintroduced in "Luna Eclipsed" as quirky and out of touch with modern society, which I've related to greatly as someone with social awkwardness. In the CMC dream episodes, she helps each of the CMC sort out personal problems. Some might use this and fan reactions as evidence that she takes away from other characters, but it really doesn't. The focus remains on the development of the CMC throughout each of these episodes, while Luna is just there to help them along, like a good supporting character should. It's nice to see her, but the episodes don't automatically center around her once she shows up.

    Then, there's "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?", which split fans down the middle with Luna's struggle with self-forgiveness. Many believe the episode was promoting self-harm and that the climax was rushed, but that completely misses the point of the episode. While the presentation is admittedly rushed, the idea of the Tantabus coming from Luna isn't a bad one at all. The Tantabus was merely a metaphor for learning to forgive herself and not be consumed by her past mistake. Once again, I found myself relating to that greatly, and I'm honestly pained that a lot of fans don't. I wish they would, but I guess it is what it is.

    While all of this is obviously subjective, the notion that Luna is overrated is absurd. I know some people don't like her, but that's a shame. I've always viewed Luna as the most relatable of the princesses outside of Twilight, someone who will always be there for her subjects while also having her weaknesses be apparent. It helps to make her more relatable to others, or human, for lack of a better word. Therefore, Luna deserves all the praise she gets, and I am proud to call her one of my favorite characters!

    The Love Potion and Mirror Pool Return
    By Double C

    Besides the Alicorn amulet to make another appearance, there are two other things I would like to make another appearance in future IDW comics. They are the Love Potion from Hearts and Hooves Day and the Mirror Pool from To Many Pinkies. While they have a silly magical method but they did cause many problems that were harder than our protagonist thought.

    The Love Potion or Love Poison was created when a prince tried to win a princess heart by creating a potion that would make her love him. But it ended badly with the kingdom falling apart because they were too into each other’s eye. The CMC revived it and gave it to Big Mac and Cheerilee which had the somewhat same results because a farm boy and teacher are easy to replace but royal is not. I was expecting it to return in future episodes where it would have been modified. Someone if smart would have experimented on it enough that it works like the one who drank it is the puppet while the one who made it is the puppet master.

    The Mirror Pool was interesting which enabled it for the user to make many copies which was a nightmare to see an army of Pinkies which one was bad enough. If it were to make a return, the one who would have used it would be Spike. The reason is because the Mane 6 seems to over depend and over work Spike to do pretty much everything despite Twilight could have been assigned servants and guards to help him out like Flash. I know that Twilight doesn’t like it but seems to forget that her adopted brother is the one who needs help and new friends to hang out. It would have been interesting if Spike were to make clones of himself and would have been tough for everyone to tell who the real one is. But the real test is does the Mane 6 even want the real Spike or each one will have one for themselves epically Rarity have that many to help her.

    But it’s still unknown if any of these will ever be seen again if IDW will reintroduce them with better backstories of how they were made. Do you think at least one of them should return or be scrape?

    The Mystery Behind G5
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    I wanted to try and save my complete thoughts on G5 until an official trailer came out, but well I can’t wait any longer, so I thought I might lend my thoughts on the mystery of G5’s setting.

    So far, we only have a very general idea of what G5 will be about, plus the few screenshots (With Izzy and the tennis ball taking a whole lot of attention!) we got. However one thing stood out to me and that’s G5 will take place years later from G4, aka, FiM, in the same universe. Now as it stated and I quote, “In the new movie, the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic. Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species.”

    Now as I read this I thought… “Wait, if there’s no magic in Equestria, how are the ponies still alive and well?” And also… “If they’re now separated, like in Hearth’s Warming Eve, shouldn’t the windigos have come and plunged Equestria with an eternal blizzard?”

    Well I think I figured out how this would make some sense, if G5 does in fact take place after G4. (Was that 100 percent confirmed yet or not?)

    I think, after all of Twilight’s family and friends have passed, Twilight eventually decides that it’s time for her to move on and lets go of her immortality and joins her family and friends. Twilight hopes Equestria will stay united even without her, but Twilight didn’t leave an heir to take the throne when she decides to go, leaving the tribes without alicorn leadership.

    The three different kinds of ponies have trouble figuring out who to unite and lead them, causing them to once again fight with each other. Now, this would be the point the windigos would return, but I think the tribes still decide to have some connections when it’s necessary. However they now live separately from each other with their own leaders, which would explain Princess Petals being a pegasus, she most likely is the leader for the Pegasus ponies while the Earth and Unicorn ponies have their own leaders.

    Also, there is the question of no magic, with, for example, the pegasus ponies no longer able to control the weather or the Earth ponies able to grow food. Well, that can be explained by maybe developments in technology and ponies not needing to use their magic for such tasks to keep them alive and well. We saw in one of the screenshots when Sunny is in her bedroom most likely, and along the things we see, there’s a lamp of some sorts on top of a couple of books, which means the ponies may have electricity.

    Now I might be very wrong and there’s probably a whole another reason why the world of G5 is like this, but this was just my thoughts on the mystery of how the world of G5 came to be! What do you all think happened in between the times of G4 and G5?

    Fandom Reputation doesn't Matter
    By: Cindyquail

    I constantly see people wine and complain about this nonsense and it drives me nuts. You are a part of a fandom built from the ground up on a show based on a brand that has been exclusively for little girls since the 80's. Nothing about a bunch of men watching it is normal. That will always be weird. Stop worrying about what people think and just embrace your weird community.

    Nothing about it has to follow you into the real world, where even if we didn't have thousands of gigabites of clop art and google search results that would make a porn star blush, it would be weird. It will always be weird. Your interest will never be accepted but that's perfectly OK! Embrace it, and celebrate it on the internet with friends. Keep it bottled up outside of that if you think it will negatively effect your real life.

    Anyway, it's time to give up on trying to "put a good face forweard". It's impossible. Ponies make you happy though, and that is ALL THAT MATTERS.