• New Pony Life Synopses Revealed for Season 2!


    Looks like we're starting to get some more details about some of the upcoming episodes in season 2 of Pony Life that we heard about! Looks like the episodes are going to have some zany storylines if these synopses are anything to go by. Which one are you looking forward to?

    Get them all after the break and thanks to Robert for sending them in!
    Close Encounters Of The Balloon Kind/The Tiara Of Truth 
    When a mysterious, giant balloon lands in town, the Mane 6 speculate what it could be/When Pinkie Pie's friends are late to a special cupcake tasting, she learns the truth about where they were.

    Terrorarium/Bubble Trouble 
    Applejack discovers a magical flower friend, but before she knows it, things grow wildly out of control/Spike and the ponies find a super fun magical bubble wand inside one of the mysterious balloons.

    Time After Time Capsule/The Great Cowgirl Hat Robbery 
    Fluttershy struggles with finding the perfect item to put in a time capsule/After being transported back to Old Equestria, Applejack and Rarity must get back to their time zone.

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