• Even More Pony Life Episodes Revealed - Synopsis and Titles for 6 of Them

    Earlier today, we had  three new episodes of Pony Life revealed. We now have another 6! Below the break, find all of them, complete with synopsis and titles.

    Planet of the Apps / Back to the Present 

     In a futuristic Ponyville, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle must save Fluttershy from robots and find a way back home; The Mane Six return to Ponyville, only to find they're in another dimension.

    Magical Mare-story Tour / Life of Pie 

    The Mane 6 find their new friends from the Wild Side have crossed over into Ponyville; Lightning Chill shadows Pinkie Pie, but with two cooks in the kitchen their different styles erupt.

    The Rarest Of Occasions / Portal Combat  

    Rarity is gearing up for her 100th episode of her livestream show; the portal between Equestria and the Wild Side is closing, and Rainbow Dash gets stuck in it.

    What Goes Updo / Communication Shakedown 

     When the ponies get a mane-over at Princess Cadance's carnival, Rarity feels left out of the fun; a confusing group text chain at the carnival takes the ponies on a wild ride of emotions and emojis.

    Lolly-Pop / Little Miss Fortune  

    While at the travelling fair, Fluttershy is excited to finally live out her dream of becoming a clown, but Applejack is terrified; a carnival fortune-telling machine gives Rainbow Dash some bad news.

    Playwright or Wrong / the Shows Must Go On 

    It's the annual Ponyville Play Day and the Mane 6 are eager to celebrate by putting on a play; when Rarity receives the opportunity of a lifetime, she must choose between her friends or her breakout role.

    Thanks to Robert for the heads up!