• Introducing The New Equestria Daily for Generation 5 - "The Izzy Experience"

    I think it's about time we stop beating around the bush here on EQD. Generation 4 is over, and we need to re-imagine ourselves for the future of pony. We are starting to look like an internet archeology site more than a cutting edge pony news and spotlight site.

    To go along with that, we've heard your demands! Sunny and Hitch are neat, but due to budget cuts on the EQD Patreon we are going to go ahead and just focus on what everyone actually wants out of the new generation. Why waste resources on multiple characters when we can just pour our hearts and souls into covering the most popular one? Honestly I look back at the last 10 years and wonder why we ever bothered with any other pony than Luna. Let's not make that mistake again! We have a new moon pony, and she's already making bigger waves than anything that has happened here in years~

    So, without further adieu, I introduce you all to the new Equestria Daily: 




    While we will still cover the rest of g5 kinda, our main focus will be on Izzy Moonbow! Embrace everyone's new lunar-focused waifu as we venture forward into a new era for Equestria Daily! Expect much Izzyposting, along with a few other new blog topics throughout the day, and for years to come!