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    • Is Eye Color Related to Magical Power?
    • What if The Major Villains (FiM) Won? Part 4
    • Twilight’s Immortality and Her Friends
    • Toxic Wonderbolt Culture!

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    Is Eye Color Related to Magical Power?
    By: A Shy Brony

    This soapbox idea came spontaneously, when I realized that Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie all had an eye color of purple shades. Intrigued, I went looking at the eye colors of powerful Unicorns and the Alicorns and came to a surprising conclusion: Nearly every character I looked at had an eye color of some form of blue or purple shade!

    Before I share the list of characters I looked at, I need to define “powerful unicorns.” To me, a powerful unicorn is a character that can do more spells than just basic levitation, and whatever skill is associated with their cutie mark. For example, Lyra can levitate objects like any unicorn, and probably can play a lyre well, but this alone doesn’t make her powerful. Some of the characters I looked at, like Rarity and Sweetie Belle, barely made the list. (Rarity for her shield spell in the series finale, Sweetie Belle for her teleportation spell in Growing Up is Hard to Do.)

    Here’s the list of characters I looked at:

    Twilight Sparkle, Purple

    Starlight Glimmer, Purple

    Trixie, Purple

    Sunset Shimmer, Blue

    Rarity, Blue

    Sweetie Belle, Green

    Cadance, Purple

    Shining Armor, Blue

    Sunburst, Blue

    Celestia, Purple

    Luna, Blue

    Starswirl, Blue

    Mistmane, Blue

    Flurry Heart, Blue

    As you can see, only Sweetie Belle defies the trend with her green eye color. So what does this mean? Are blue and purple shades naturally associated with magically powerful ponies?

    Possibly, though it’s also worth noting that blue and purple shades are quite common in many ponies. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie have shades of blue in their eyes. Rainbow Dash has a shade of purple in her eyes. But this doesn’t make them gifted at magic. Other creatures in Equestria also seem to defy this trend. Discord’s eyes areyellow and red. Queen Chrysalis has green eyes. Tirek also has yellow eyes.

    In all likelihood, it’s probably just design coincidence that magically powerful ponies nearly all have blue orpurple eye colors.  But what do you all think? Is it merely coincidence, or something else?


    What if The Major Villains (FiM) Won? Part 4
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So here we are with the last part of this little series, with our last two major villains which are rather difficult to think about them winning, the Pony of Shadows and Cozy Glow!

    So starting off with the Pony of Shadows… (aka Stygian) Well… I mean he is rather difficult because his original plan, unlike all the other villains, doesn’t involve taking over all of Equestria, he just wanted the Pillars to respect him and include him into their group. And well the Pony of Shadows’ goal was basically to make the Pillars bow down to him.

    So lets say the Pony of Shadows ended up making the Pillars do his bidding and make them his servants, what exactly is next? I guess just like Nightmare Moon, he could shroud Equestria in darkness, of course that would involve defeating Celestia and Luna, and I guess would have to defeat the Mane 6 as well.

    But if the Pony of Shadows did achieve his one goal and decided to not take over Equestria, it wouldn’t be such a huge defeat for Equestria and in fact life would just go on as normal. Sure the original bearers of the elements are gone, but guess what… They were already gone for a thousand years and Equestria was just fine without them! Plus the Mane 6 kinda of replaced the Pillars’ job now and with the season premiere after Shadow Play will introduce the new elements, the Young 6.

    Moving on to our final villain, Cozy Glow…

    And yeah I know… A single filly, who’s not even a unicorn, winning and taking over all of Equestria… Just use your bloody imagination, okay!

    So lets say the Young 6, with the help of the Tree of Harmony, have been unable to stop Cozy from draining all of Equestria’s magic and the Mane 6 are now stuck forever in Tartarus, with the princesses deciding to bow down to the “Empress of Friendship”. Well with Equestria’s magic completely gone and with a child now in charge… How long do you think Equestria will last…?

    Spoiler alert… Not very long!

    Yeah this is taking what would happen with Tirek (Fitting since Cozy did learn how to drain Equestria’s magic with his help) and adding someone who doesn’t even understand the basics of how to rule. So I would be very surprised if Equestria even lasts a single day with Cozy ruling over them. So while the scenario with the Pony of Shadows winning is the least hurtful, Cozy takes the top spot for basically dooming Equestria as we know it in the shortest amount of time!

    So that’s the end of this little series, a bit hard to think about the last two villains, but I’m sure all of you can think of better situations than I can! And also should I do another series covering the major EQG villains? (Oh who am I kidding, I probably will!)


    Twilight’s Immortality and Her Friends
    By Comet

    The fandom is worried about that Twilight will outlive her friends and don’t like the fact that she’s immortal. Back in 2013, Megan McCarthy tweeted out saying that Twilight won’t outlive her friends. Fast forward to The Last Problem and we see Twilight is still young and beautiful while the Mane Five are in their 40’s and have bags under their eyes, making it seem like she will outlive her friends. Tweets can change over time, we’ve seen stuff like this for a long time now, this isn’t anything new.

    Now look, I’ve always believed that Twilight is immortal because she’s an Alicorn. It wouldn’t make sense if she passed away while the Royal Sisters didn’t. It would also give me a headache of how Alicorns work if she wasn’t immortal.

    Fans are worried that she will mourn her friends’ deaths for the rest of eternity or she will become a villain. Twilight wouldn’t do something like that. This isn’t Remembrance or any dark fanfic. Twilight will sure miss her friends when they pass away, but she won’t shut the world out. She will still open up to new hearts and friendship, tell new generations about the Elements of Harmony, their history and what the Elements represented.

    Celestia has been around for over a thousand years and she had to see her friends go, but she turned out well and kept ruling over Equestria even with the banishment of her sister, Luna. In Horse Play, she told Twilight about her friends and that they used to put on plays when they were fillies (though Celestia just watched them, she wasn’t actually apart of it). She didn’t have a hard time mentioning them, she just felt happy and fond to remember that time with them.

    Plus, Twilight won’t lose everyone she loves. She’ll still have Spike for a very long time and she will also still have Cadance and Flurry Heart. That’s three of her family members.

    “What about Twilight in G5 then” you may ask? Well it’s too early to tell, and I was originally going to explain where she might be, but that’s probably a topic for another time. Now back to where I was.

    They will always be there for Twilight, in her heart and memory when they pass away. The Mane Five knows that she was destined for this and she shouldn’t see that being an Alicorn as a curse, but rather a gift. They don’t want to see Twilight be consume by fear, sadness, and pain. Her friends would want to see her be happy and look after Equestria on the behalf of all of them. Lastly, Twilight will always be thankful for the friends she had made on her journey.

    This, is the Twilight I’ve always seen within her. Not the one who will always be sad or feel pain forever without her friends. But rather the one who still keeps moving forward and will live a happy life.


    Toxic Wonderbolt Culture!
    By Oddball Tales

    Rainbow Dash's goal throughout the series is to become a Wonderbolt, and when she finally does join them, it is to become the best Wonderbolt she can be. But was joining the Wonderbolt's really the best thing for Rainbow?

    I'm going to say...no. No, it was not. Before joining them, she was a weather pony in Ponyville. She was beloved by the townspeople, and got to take an insane amount of naps during work time...and still clearly earned a decent wage, enough to afford a good house in Cloudsdale! And yet, Rainbow Dash kept dreaming bigger, and was hoping to join the Wonderbolts.

    The Wonderbolts really show their toxic culture I think in the episode Wonderbolt Academy, where Spitfire praises Lightning Dust's crazy antics and only realizes the error of her ways when Rainbow Dash quits. And honestly, who knows why that was- sure it may have been an honest realization, but there I somewhat think it may have been her realizing losing a celebrity like Rainbow Dash could hurt her team's reputation. This is probably the worst Wonderbolt moment in my opinion. And then in 'Rarity investigates' the team is ready to turn on Rainbow Dash quickly, and it's left up to Rarity to bail her friend out. Rainbow Dash, who had saved Equestria, and the Wonderbolts themselves, multiple times. I know there may be some other examples of Wonderbolt Toxicity I'm missing, but I feel like I have covered the two biggest incidents. Additionally, most of the team seems alright- I suppose most of my issues lie with Soarin and Spitfire. (Spitfire mostly)

    I come back to my original opening statements- personally think that Rainbow would have been better off had she not joined them. I think it would have served also from a story perspective, that she failed her dreams. She had placed her whole heart,soul, and self worth on joining these guys- seeing her recover, preferably in a non cringe worthy way, could make for a very heartfelt and emotional episode, or set of episodes. Imagine the potential for her character growth, which was never the strongest, but took a major nose dive in later Wonderbolt episodes, particularly in later seasons. She could have been vastly improved and even learned humbleness from these episodes, rather then constantly re-learn it time and time again. I think she has so much more potential as a character this way!

    I do wonder what happened to them in the future, in the series finale. Hopefully they became a bit less toxic!
    This is Oddball Tales, signing off for now!