• The MLP Generation 5 Pony Names Are Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow

    We are getting quite a few emails pointing out their names since they were lost in the flood, so lets just get a big post up all about it shall we?

    Our new silly purple unicorn is Izzy Moonbow. Slayer of tennis balls apparently. And joining her is the character that seems to be the "Twilight" of this era, Sunny Starscout. I have a feeling Izzy is going to be the top pick in the best pony wars for until we get more reveals based on how much fan art she's getting.

    And in other news, the stallion revealed yesterday still remains unnamed. We actually contacted Hasbro on that one and were told it's not ready to be revealed. Feel free to give him whatever weird things you want to call him in the meantime! A few people have mentioned something about strut, but I can't find any real source for it.

    Expect a drawing event and poll about all three later.