• Open Art Event - Draw The New Generation 5 Characters!

    Artists around the fandom have already started creating boatloads of content for the new characters, but we need MORE! Lets celebrate them the way we used to way back in 2011 with a tsunami the likes of which the internet hasn't seen in a decade!

    Your mission is to draw Izzy, Sunny, Pipp, or the stallion doing whatever you want. It can be all three or just one of them.

    This time around we are only accepting drawings, so no tracing or graphic design. We will have an event for that later. Any skill level is welcome though, so feel free to use it as a practice outlet!

    Once you finish your masterpiece, send it to submit@equestriadaily.com with NEW CAST - OPEN ART as the title. Be sure to include a source (Twitter, Deviant Art, etc link) if you want to be credited! The deadline is 5 days from now, so Wednesday at 11:59 PM will close submissions. Be sure to get them in before then!