• Rumor: Licensed MLP Bedding Shows Off Possible G5 MLP Style


    Certainly, an interesting way to start the week! Thanks to some detective work by Alex, they've dug up this curious little tidbit hidden away on a fabric company's site. The company, Jerry Fabrics, has been known to license MLP in the past and even has some G4 products awaiting release for later this year. What is curious though is the product you see above for release in September of this year.

    Not only is it a completely different style from the other products scheduled for release, but the September release date puts this new bedding out in stores around the release date of the MLP Movie. Now we can't say for certain this is the new G5 style going forward and we have also seen that merch in the past has had a mixed track record looking like the media it is based on, but this is all very curious considering the timing.

    If it does turn out to be G5 then I guess we get our first look at some possible characters from the movie as well as the potential style. What do you think?

    Check on after the break for a higher-res screenshot!

    (Note: It has been requested that we remove this image)


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