• Overcoming Obstacles Music: Thunder Dash - The Overcomers [Piano Solo]

    Thunder Dash is back with a new lovely and inspiring song empowered by the lessons from the show as well as his own! Using Fluttershy's character and story as well as that of the other characters of the show who overcame obstacles, the musician is spreading his own messages of support with this song, depicting the will to face and overcome hardships in several movements explained in the description. It's just so wonderful that pony musicians like Thunder Dash are making songs like these to try to help people and give them strength! Thank you Thunder Dash! I shall extend these messages with my own support! Everypony, we're in this together! I'm always with you in spirit so feel free to rely on me if you're having trouble with something, and feel free to come talk to me about it if you want too! No matter what, know that you are not alone!