• Fluttermusic: Dipi11 - Sorry To Have Scared You [Electro]

    Who else did remember S1 and Fluttershy's line from The Best Night Ever upon seeing that title! Okay I might have had an advantage because I remember fondly of that line being used in the launch trailer for the Tribute Edition of Fighting is Magic (that doesn't seem to be up on YouTube anymore sadly, but that I still have in my PMV folder and cherish! Anypony who wants it, just ask.) right along that other Flutterline "I bet you can't beat me!" Anyway, reminiscing aside, Dipi11 is back and with a lovely Fluttersong at that, sampling Flutter's line from the S1 finale!! And with such lovely Flutterchops, and cute melodies too! And I think that cover art may be an edit of a screenshot from the episode! Definitely a very nostalgic and sweet track and I'm so glad that the musician shared it with us! Check out the rest of Dipi11's channel to find a lot more pony songs!