• Discussion: Will You Stick to G4 if G5 Ends Up Being Awful?

    With less than 10 days away before a potential big reveal of G5 at Hasbro's incoming investor event, it's easy to wonder what they are cooking up behind the scenes. Surprisingly this time around, there haven't been a whole lot of leaks. In fact, all past leaks were apparently scrapped entirely based on what we heard earlier in the month.

    We could see something completely terrible, or the greatest thing ever in the coming week. How will you react if we end up with a turd? Is it time to call it quits on pony for a bit? Or can we fan-fuel G4 until the sun explodes?

    Personally I'm goiong to be drawing g4 pony long into the future, so I'll be in that latter category. Whatever Lauren Faust did when she designed these cartoon horses triggered something in some of us that have made it impossible to quit.

    Anyway, Discuss below!