• Editorial: Possible Era & Setting for Generation 5 of My Little Pony?

    Alright so it’s been a couple days and I’m definitely confident we have enough information to formulate a legitimate hypothesis on what we can expect from the “all-new computer animated series” without having to pull anything out of my... ......imagination. 

    If you haven’t had the chance to read the blurb by Entertainment One on our other post, the movie & series will both be 3D animated. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is to be left to subjectiveness. Personally I’m mostly indifferent, although I would have liked for the series to be 2D, but that's just from what we have to go off of and either way, I still really like the style we got now.

    We've also been introduced to a new cast of characters, Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Pipp & Hitch Trailblazer as our first ever male main character and may I add, looking pretty darn cute!

    Alright I’ll stop being a YouTuber now with all this fluff, let's get to the actual definitely quality and not made up content:

    Predicted Era & Setting of G5

    Straight off the bat, we can tell G5 is at least taking place after the Mane 6 from G4 became legends from the statuettes of them & more in the background that you’ve probably already seen:

    Thanks Seth I’ll just borrow this

    Even more straight off the same bat, different swing, we can take a lot from the second line of the movie description -> “Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species.” 

    What I mean by highlighting that specific line, is that we can compare this to our very own modern world, specifically in bigger cities where people now seem to be more independent, less trusting and separated compared to way back when, in a similar era to most of G4, staying together in packs and befriending as many people possible was the most beneficial thing to do. As time goes on, people seem to be getting more and more divided than before in important ways.

    So if we can take anything away from just that, we can make assumptions that G5 should take place in the modern era to us, and possibly in a city, or nearby?

    So let’s just say that this prediction is fact for the rest of this article, should we expect to see tech. such as phones, tablets, Ai, super gaming setups and most importantly, TikTok? Well I sure hope not, but i’m also fairly confident we won’t, at least mostly. 

    Who reads a book or just stands around while waiting for something anymore?!? Where are the phones??? Well, they probably just don’t exist, or Sunny and Izzy are freaks of nature.

    So how is this world supposed to be just as advanced us ours? I’m glad you asked, yes you did ask. We need to remember, our version of “technologically advanced” is just based on our needs, our wants and our imagination which is also based on what we know & have experienced. These ponies have magic, hooves, wings, and a completely different life structure, so what might be useful to us to advance in, might not be to them and vice versa. Therefor, they could be advanced in different ways to us than we are too them, while being at the same sort of advancement level to us. 

    Basically we spent our points on technology while they spent theirs on magic, or something, dont quote me on that, its an example.

    So are the Mane 6 still around? Twilight might be if she did in fact become immortal, or at least enabled to live for very very long, but the rest of them? Probably not.

    Where them Windigo’s at?

    “Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species.” As far as I’m concerned, this should be the perfect recipe for Windigo’s to wreck the world, but yet here we are, in a seemingly non-windigo’d world, unless we’re in for a big surprise and the series takes place during the apocalypse (do quote me on this one if it happens). 

    But for real, where they at though? The only thing I could resort to is that this is an alternate parallel universe where they never existed, or they found a way to abolish them between G4 and 5. 

    Let’s go with the latter and say that’s what happened, it makes you think, are the windigo’s the main reason every species stayed together in the past, in fear of Windigo’s appearing otherwise? Just food for thought, but I won’t try comparing it to something similar in our world in fear of starting world war brony.

    Either way, something happened to the windigo’s and noones telling us. #savethewindigo now and spread the message! We need answers.

    “Making new friends out of old enemies”

    This...confuses me because at the end of G4, the only enemies we seemed to have were the Evil 3 (Tirek, Chrysalis & Cozy Glow). Sooooo are we gonna see them again? There’s honestly a chance since they should (with how stoning tends to work in shows like MLP), still be alive...however, logically, why would you go to them for help in uniting ponies and species around the world again, when their goal was to separate? Also with discord being a god, he should also technically still be around...but without Fluttershy.

    Either that, or it’s been so long since the G4 era that over time, those who were once allies, turned into enemies and ever since, they’ve become “old enemies”. This one can be anything, from changelings to dragons, to hypogriffs and more, which could make for a super deep backstory as to how it happened. Did Ember get overthrown? Did a ruler’s successor have different motives to their predecessor? Was there a disagreement? Let me know what you think down below!

    To close off...

    We’re definitely in for so much more, but these are possible settings we can be exploring so far. A modern era, based first in a town called Maretime Bay before we head out to explore the world we might recognize from G4, but with all the advancements, there might be more resemblances to our world than the old pony world. 

    Also, Sunny reminds me of chicken for some odd reason, idk what it is though... 

    I’ll just leave this here...

    I really can’t wait to read all your comments on all this! This editorial was really more of trying to get some possible ideas out with what we have so far to get some discussions going, so please do feel free to share any of your thoughts!

    Stay safe everyone, and let’s ride this hype train all the way to the movie and beyond, we’re back with a whole new generation ahead of us :D

    And don’t forget, be like Sunny, be the light a grey world needs, be the difference no mater how small, cause that difference is sure to snowball into a better world. Let’s look forward to learning from Sunny and her friends cause we can be that difference in our own world.


    EDIT: this tweet by Piemations goes pretty well with our Windigo theory above in the way that, if this tweet is accurate, Windigo's could've just been an actual fairy/mares tale this entire time in G4, but it would also give us a good idea about where Gen. 5 is based, but then throws away any possible era theory we've been talking about since the Mane 6 from G4 never actually existed, so the G5 universe could technically be set in the same era as G4, but for writing sake for the show, we can still be confident it's set in a more "modern to us" era.

    Anyways, I loved this twee and could be a whole soapbox on it's own and explains the "Windigo's not seeming to exist" part very well. But also there have been some good arguments in the comments explaining as to why Windigo's haven't quite felt the need to appear, so definitely go give those a read if you haven't, there's quite a few!

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