• Dashie Is Making Music: Mitsukai Sound Systems - Rainbow Gets Critiqued on Her Beats [Electro]

    A successor to La Licorne Sophistiquee and Appletrax, this new release by Mitsukai is themed around Dashie this time and masterfully and lovingly using vocal samples of her, as well as custom lines made through 15.ai, to enact this fun experience! It feels like a window to Equestria, and you can hear Dashie working on music in her room using some magical DAW! That little exhange between Dashie and Rarity at 1:20 made me snrk, it's so funny and lovely, just the BEST!! And when the classic sample "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style" played I was like "Ooooh how is Dashie gonna respond" and it was so hilarious! Such initiatives are just so cute and brony-like!! This is my kind of pony music, I love it so much! And I hope that you will like it too! Also read the description for some interesting backstory and to see just how much dedication and effort Mitsukai poured into this! Let's hope Orbital Friendship Cannon could still happen!

    Listen to the song from Soundcloud here!