• Rarity Album: FilledSilhoutte - Rarity's Fashion Playlist [French House]

    We've all been awaiting it, FilledSilhoutte's album filled with tasteful and stylish Disco and French House treats dedicated to our beautiful mare with a pure white coat! This is "Rarity's Fashion Playlist", and quite literally what she would play in her boutique while getting artsy and inspired to create wonderful costumes, and I can just imagine that and it's so so lovely!! Now people looking up what the title of track #11 means, don't go get any ideas, this is all about the art! (that track is so sensual like Rarity, and was meant to be, I love it!) I also love track #2 Collector's Edition a lot, it sounds so like RARITY, so feminine, aaaah Rarity and music are my drugs! Look at that gorgeous mare she's just so fabulous!! Ahem. I tend to get too fired up when it's about my second favorite pony. Anyway, this is FilledSilhoutte's swan album under that alias, too, so it is quite momentous! From now on, the musician is PHES! Let's savor this elegant compilation of marvelously crafted tunes like Rarity would! Why darling, this is simply exquisite! 

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!