• Another Round of Chibi Pony Adventure Pony Figures Arrives on Kickstarter!

    Way back in 2014, Imact! Miniatures began a kickstarter campaign to create fantasy style figures starring little horses and horse variants. In the end, it was incredibly successful and they have been invading conventions for half a decade where they are always the most popular of their line. They aren't a pony only company though, and after the equines shifted into other things. They've decided to return with a new line of ponies for 2021, and once again have a Kickstarter to get it going.

    This time around they have a ton of new classes, villains, and more ready to go. You can get your orders in early over here, and check out each of them in detail via large size images.There are three packs to choose from, including general ponies, villains & NPC's, and Adventure Ponies.

    The campaign ends in 13 days, so get in early if you want them.