• Pony Vocal Samples Music: MMM Brony Emotions - Vinyl Culmination [Dubstep]

    I didn't know about that musician before so I just went through their whole channel, and I saved many favorites making wonderful use of pony vocal samples and chops to bring to life various pony themes! This embedded track Vinyl Culmination is only the latest one, but I highly recommend taking a listen to Fluttershy And Beach that is just so cute with those Fluttervocals (and that might be my favorite track from the musician), Fine Day Of Stroll and its creative pony vocal chops, Smile that is chopping Pinkie's iconic song from the show wonderfully, Crazy Pinkamena that provides a unique take at that character side even though it has already been covered in music so many times, Between The Earth And Sky that samples a recognizable pony line from the show, Twilight VS Tirek with its self-explanatory concept making expected use of those vocal lines from that epic battle of the S4 finale, the creative and MAD Crazy Twilight Sparkle providing an appreciated trip to such pony songs made in the past about that fateful episode, and Equestria, the first pony track from the musician on the channel, kicking it off the right way with having the line "Be the bearers of good and positive!" in its description, effectively spreading some brony spirit!!