• Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped: Saving Pinkie's Pie Follow Up


    Another winter short and with baking involved. What more could you ask for in a short? How about an escort mixed with a war zone disguised as a snowball fight and a lot of favorite background characters? With this description, remember the golden rule: It’s Pinkie Pie, don’t questions it. If I were to give a moral to a short like this, it would probably be to keep your eye on your goal. All Pinkie wanted as to give Rarity a great and sophisticated treat and that drive will take you places. Either that or invest in a to-go box for possibly long deliveries. Let’s get the snowy flames of war started and see what happens.


    So I know people that do something like this, me included. Instead of using a regular timer, Pinkie has all her friends memorized and recite their names in alphabetical order for the perfect timing of her soufflé. At most I use songs to see how long it takes for me to get places. At least we have Sunset Shimmer here to bring us into reality when Pinkie gets like this. And if you listen you get just a garbage dump of past names like Juniper Montage, Maud Pie, Zecora, Zephyr Breeze (somehow) and Muffin. Only Muffin. 


    That soufflé has no idea how lucky it is to be desired so much right now. I’m sure those stale cookies to the side are just green with envy right now. But it does look like a great pastry.


     So Pinkie Pie really wants to impress Rarity with a classy dessert and from what I hear, soufflés are fragile and ends up deflating. And we don’t only get an explanation for how serious Pinkie is with this soufflé, but we also get these really cute sketch animations to pair with it. I love the coloring book style of the thin lines and splotchy coloring around the edges. It really gives it a simplistic style. 


    So I have no idea why Pinkie felt the need to pay homage to A Christmas Story, but I never complain about a good call back. I honestly thought it was to help with protecting the soufflé somehow, but then it’s not needed. But at least we know Pinkie Pie is ready to go. What else could go wrong?


    Oh yeah. A giant snowball fight that just happened to be outside of Pinkie’s house. You would think she would’ve heard any of that while baking, but I guess when you’re reciting the names of all your friends, you tend to tune out a lot. And we even got Granny Smith joining the fun. I guess I appreciate Granny having more meat on her bones in the human world compared to her pony version. Someone that frail shouldn’t go too hard in the snowball wars.


    We also have to include our favorite couple working together as a team. Looks like Lyra is the thrower and Bon Bon is making the snowballs. Would’ve expected a more aggressive stance with Agent Sweetie Drops, but it’s probably hard being a teenage secret agent. I’ll ask Kim Possible how that’s going.

     Yeah I wasn’t sure if this really was Pinkie’s house until we got best sister coming out to grace us with an appearance before going right back inside the house. Poor Maud. I guess she’s not used to being in mountain areas to study rocks yet.


    So we can at least know that Applejack also takes snowball fights way too seriously and is a freaking traitor. Rule of snowball fight is to know your enemy. These two literally just came out of the house and decided to have them be targets. There’s getting swept up and then there’s turning into the Winter Soldier. 


    Trixie: So…cold…

    Fluttershy: “Stay with me Trixie!”

    Because yes, we needed more overly dramatic war cliches. And Fluttershy is looking rough. Like staying up to prepare for finals rough. And with no hand warmers in site. What can these soldiers do?


    So it’s not just Applejack. All the Apple family members are crazy. Granny is literally trying to go to blows here. Granny Smith, don’t you work for the school these kids go to? Are they gonna want to take lunch from you with you lodging snowballs at them?


     This was probably the best scene of the short. It screams heavy on the war movie tropes. The shaky camera, the muffled sounds of voices, the buried victims. Snails was just trying to find his lost boot and was attacked on site.


    AJ: “Real life ain’t the same as them silly ol’ video games you play, ain’t that right Sunset?” 

    Ok Applejack has made some terrible enemies. That moment right there…them’s fighting words…for fightin’ herds depending on your preference in games.


    Well… if you really had to have an ally in this war zone, it might as well be Flash. He’s grown on me after a while since he’s not supposed to be the generic cool guy anymore. And just having him act all cutesy and wanting to be there for Sunset on her adventures just felt really endearing. 


    I won’t deny feeling the hype for this moment. Sunset pinking Pinkie up to get that soufflé delivered, Flash on her side giving cover fire. Looks like he’s really in her good graces with this move. Can’t mess this up.


    Until literally slipping and dropping all the snowballs her had and having them run off without him. This was really a swing and a miss moment in the Flash X Sunset ship. Don’t worry, we’ll get ‘em next time. And did they really have to draw him so sad looking right here.? It’s making it hard to tell jokes when he looks so pitiful.


    NOOOOOO!!! Another one lost to the great snowball wars. Good thing it’s just snow and everyone is literally still alive and fine. Just covered in dirty frozen water. They are really going all out for their war reenactment.


    Our last standing soldier Cadet Pinkie has finally reached the promise land of Rarity just walking by. The package has seen Nirvana and it is wearing a really nice sparkly blue coat. I love the gradient look going from dark to light with the matching boots. 


    RD: “You thought you could finish your soufflé in peace, but it was actually me Dio!”

    If anybody gets the refence, virtual hugs all around. Rainbow Dash really puts in her all for a snowball fight. I would’ve thought she’d be the lead in most of the chaos, but here she is trying to be the killer snowman of snowball fights. And she apparently was in there for two days? How and why? How long was this snowball fight planned? They did have some impressive walls and cover so I also can’t imagine Pinkie Pie forgetting something like this was gonna happen on her very front doorsteps. I guess it was one of those Pinkie Promises Pinkie herself forgot.


    And…crisis averted. Sorry Rainbow Dash, but I think you messed with the wrong people for your sneak attack. Also, probably not best to yell out “sneak attack!” when actually trying to sneak attack someone. Subtlety is not your strongest suit Dashie. 

    And that was Saving Pinkie’s Pie, the most kid friendly but still brutal version of Saving Private Ryan you’ll ever see. This was just all around fun to watch. Random appearances, fun humor, war tropes to laugh at. This was just such a fun moment and there would probably be double the screenshots if I didn’t want to tone it down. It really felt like everyone had their own moment and nobody over stole the show. Every character was just on point and exciting to watch. I’m not a winter person, but I don’t deny wanting to go all out in a snowball fight. Luckily I don’t need to because it’s not much snow on the ground where I am and I don’t feel like going outside. I’m Penny Wrights and maybe I’ll watch Tropic Thunder with a good dozen donuts. It’s not the same, but it’s close enough.