• New Crusader Kings 3 Pony Mod Underway and Seeking Help - Equestria: The Dark Age of Magic

    A new mod project is underway to bring the world of Equestria to the game Crusader Kings 3. It's a pretty huge endeavor to make something like that happen though, so they are seeking help in making something like that happen, particulary modders, modelers, and MLP lore lovers.

    Head on down below for a recruitment breakdown.

    Recruitment Request: 

    EDAM seeks to cover the turbulent time period before the events of FiM in order to better distance itself from the canonical timeline and create the perfect platform for an alternate history scenario while at the same time - incorporating a lot of darker elements featured predominantly in earlier generations of the franchise or otherwise left unexplored in FiM.

    Of course, a project of this scale is quite daunting and I've been sitting on it for a long time making slow progress. That's why I come to you now, as I 'd like you to submit my work to Equestria Daily so it is more visible to the wider fandom.

    A few Criteria of the types of individuals I am looking for:

    - Experience with Modding.Paradox titles, Imperator rome is the most comparable to Crusader kings 3 due to the Jomini engine

    - Experience with 3D modelling, though their skills may vary somewhat from the Maya engine Paradox uses for it's 3D entities.

    - Creative thinkers who have lots of ideas to contribute, perhaps even from abandoned fan-works that never saw the light of day.

    - People willing to comb over the MLP lore in-depth to help us get a good handle of the universe's inner workings as well as lesser known aspects of G1 to draw ideas from.

    - Those with a willingness to learn, Crusader Kings 3 is perhaps one of Paradox's friendliest titles when it comes to modding though an overhaul on this scale will still be a major challenge.

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