• Friendship & Positive Messages Music: Skyshard - Canterlot Fireworks [Electronic]

    Skyshard did something WONDERFUL here, building on their previous instrumental track Fireworks part of the EP Hearth's Warming Stories vol. 1, with adding positive messages told by the ponies themselves thanks to the 15.ai pony voice generator. Messages like at 4:35 in the song are what more of the world needs to hear, understand and act on it, for the world to change. I'm always doing my best, and I'm joining Skyshard's call for others to strive to do that, and the beacon of hope that this song is providing. If everyone did that, then the world would surely be a better place. Keep spreading love and the values from the show everypony! And thank Skyshard for such a tender song expressing those messages and trying to change the world! The warmth of the musician's feelings are reflected so well through the cuddly atmospheres and the cute melodies!