• Equestria Daily is Now 10 Years Old!


    10 Years ago today, a comic anad cartoon board on 4chan was so flooded with ponies, that it was impossible to keep up with everything unless you sat around 24/7 watching it. The very nature of the website caused countless Friendship is Magic stories, drawings, and more to be lost to the pits of auto-deletion. Thus began the cry. Who was auti ENTHUSIASTIC enough to dedicate their lives, their very being, to keeping track of SO MUCH PONY?

    And thus, Equestria Daily was born. A typo riddled site due to the creators inability to edit himself. A place where sentences, no, entire paragraphs start with "and" and "but", causing English teachers everywhere to gasp in horror. Mixed in with the language atrocities though was a repository of pony with updates so constant that it was quickly flocked to by people from across the internet.

    Here we are now, with 10 years of nonstop pony action under our belts. Updated nonstop for 3650 days in a row (outside of that one day where blogger died ruining an almost perfect record, freakin Google!).

    Things may have slowed down as the show ends, but we still do our absolute best to keep you all informed on everything happening from news to fan creations. Regardless of where this long hiatus into G5 leaves the site, and the potential for G5 to be about as popular as Pony Life was here, it has been an honor to serve all of you crazy people out there for a 3rd of my life.

    Thanks again to everyone that has helped us out in keeping this place running smoothly. To the mods, editorial writers, pre-readers, and general EQD staff. All of you submitters sending stuff we miss. The amazing artists that randomly send banners in for things. To the commenters that keep our writers interested and leave feedback for the creators creating things. To the artists, musicians, fanfic writers, video editors, and everyone else out there making things. And of course, the patrons who are the main reason this site is still as actively updated as it is. It really has been a crazy ride and I'm happy to see so many people still stick around!

    We are still one of the most productive fandoms on the internet. There aren't many EQD style sites updating as much as this one. Here's to hoping G5 is just as good as G4 was, or even better so you all have more things to build off of! Onward to 10 more years!