• DASHIE Nostalgic Music: SpinScissor - Cloudcrusher [Midtempo Bass]

    Vocal samples from At The Gala... check. Pony vocal samples... check. Wubs coming from a simpler time... check. Pony passion... check. This is officially 20% cooler than all other songs! SpinScissor did WONDERFUL, spontaneously making this in a day, proving once more that the brony spirit is still present in the pony music scene and musicians paying tribute to specific ponies and making emotional use of pony vocal samples is still a thing! And it will always remain so, I'm sure of it. As long as there will be awesome pony musicians like SpinScissor around! And I'm so excited about a certain upcoming release from SpinScissor, no spoilers but OMG, I can't wait til I'll be able to share it!!