• The Full Fallout Equestria Audio Book Project is Now Complete

    Back in 2017, we posted about a giant audiobook project to bring Fallout Equestria to life. They had an Indiegogo up that hit a whopping 42,773 USD, with the goal of creating a professional series for everyone to listen to. We now have the fruits of that labor for all out there that love them some FoE, or others that want to explore the fandom of Little Pip and her journey into the Equestrian Wasteland.

    There are two versions, one centered around telling the entire story in first person that is available now, and another radio-play style that will be available later on in 2021.

    If you were a backer for the project, you can already download it now. If you weren't, there is still the option to pay at one of the tiers, or you can wait until December 25th and download the basic audiobook for free. All proceeds go to charity either way. 

    Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up.