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    • Why Celestia & Luna should’ve been bears
    • Why Doesn't the Fandom Help Out More?
    • Dirty Hooves

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    Are Some Villains Really Bad?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So throughout the show, nearly every season there’s always a big villain who threatens to take over Equestria and it comes to our heroes to stop them. Only… Are some of the villains really that bad? In fact, could it be that Equestria would be better if a certain villain won?

    Now yes, I can understand villains like Cozy or Tirek needing to be put down, it certainly would be very bad if they won instead of our heroes, but I would like to explore two villains who I think were not really that evil…

    First, Starlight. Yes, she ran a communist style town in which everypony who lives there must give up his or her mark to be replaced by the equal sign. However that’s just it… It’s just a small town! (And calling it a town would be polite…) It’s not like Starlight was bent on conquering all of Equestria with her ideals, at least not yet. In fact, there’s no record that anyone outside the town knew of its existence until the Tree of Harmony pointed it out to the Mane 6 and they went to it.

    Further… You could say that the Tree of Harmony actually have made things worse! Delivering the Mane 6 to Starlight, where they were taken down, including Twilight, one of the four core princesses, could have fueled Starlight’s ambition to spread her philosophy and get to the other princesses.

    And speaking of Starlight… Moving on to my second example, during the Season 5 finale, we saw during one of the alternate futures a world in which Nightmare Moon has won over Celestia and has Equestria in eternal darkness. However during that alternate future, Equestria seems to be doing fine, other than the darkness, there’s nothing really evil that stands out in my opinion.

    For example, when Twilight and Spike meet Rarity, Rarity does state that the castle is currently not open for viewings, which means there’s tourist hours, maybe… So ponies still have some personal freedom to go about their usual business. And there are visual clues as well, like there’s still trees and other living beings other than ponies still alive despite not having the warmth of sunlight. And well the Castle of the Two Sisters is still standing, maybe having been rebuilt by Nightmare Moon, what’s not to say that Equestria’s infrastructure is also still intact, maybe even better than before.

    Now I was going to talk about Radiant Hope as well to provide another example, but that would be a bit much… (And going beyond the word limit…) However I think she’s best suited for her own spot and to go into more detail at a later time. And what do you think about not really evil villains and who else do you think is not really that bad from MLP? 

    Why Celestia & Luna should’ve been bears
    By: ManaMinori

    Now, I know you’re wondering “Bears? MaMi, you’ve officially flipped your lid!” But just hear me out! Having them be bears in their “true form” would be perfect, and here’s why:

    1: the most important reason is because actual Sun Bears and Moon bears exist in real life. And I know you can take one look at MLP and point out “but this is a fictional tv show! Not real life!” But many aspects  of the lore and species in MLP have also incorporated real life elements. Having the royal sisters be Sun and Moon bears as their truest form would not be an issue. Their designs in their royal regalia even partially reflect the bears’ chest crests. (And of course, the sun/moon connection)

    2: Having them be sun and moon bears would tie them to the Ursa Minor/Major, because celestial bears. The Ursa lack any type of lore- as do the royal sisters and alicorns as a whole- I think there could be  many similarities between their cosmic kind, especially if Celestia and Luna, an sun and moon bears in their true forms, were a type of Ursa subspecies.

    3: Having them be bears with horse “false/temporary forms” could connect another franchise, namely Care Bears. Let’s be frank here- Care Bears and My Little Pony are strikingly similar- especially since they are both pastel cute creatures with destined tummy or rump symbols that display their special talents and prominent feature a lot of rainbows and rainbow lasers. Also, I find it interesting to note that the original Care Bears founders- Noble Heart, and True Heart are a horse and bear, respectively. Is it any coincidence that their fur colors also seem to imply that one might represent the night with the cooler hues, and the other, the day, with its warmer tones? One might even begin to wonder if these two in particular would be ancestors....

    But anyway, these are my reasonings for Celestia and Luna should’ve been sun and moon bears in their original/true/ultimate/unlocked (whatever you want to call it) form. What do you guys think?


    Why Doesn't the Fandom Help Out More?
    By: Viloco

    Back in the early days of the fandom, we used to do a whole bunch of charity projects and other things that helped both people in the community and people outside of it. Why did we stop doing this? It feels like we could greatly improve our image by still being charitable instead of weird in the overall internet world.

    Lets think of some fun projects to run that help the world out! With so many people suffering in 2020, it's the perfect time. Who's up for something? 

    Dirty Hooves
    By: Corgon

    I feel like we need to really discuss pony hygiene. All throughout Ponyville, they have dirt roads. If it was cobblestones or something that was a bit cleaner it wouldn't be a big deal, but dragging mud into local businesses and houses seems to be completely normal. And since a lot of ponies use their hooves to manupulate things, they are also spreading mud onto other objects.

    I, for one, believe it is time that we demand ponies wear shoes and take them off when they come in. At least until Ponyville gets some modern-day streets installed like Canterlot or Manehaattan.

    Clearly Cloudsdale is the cleanest city. Praise the pegasus.