• 'Rainbow Dash Best Princess' Music: Sonny & Sound Bandit - Voltage [Post-Pony]

    Eyyyup. DustCar is serious business.

    When Sonny and Sound Bandit heard about the theme of the new DustCar race that was "Who is Best Princess", they decided to take an unusual route and go for submitting their musical entry and vote for... Rainbow Dash. Yup. Now don't ask me how that is possible, but upon hearing this beautiful musical experiment and journey through nostalgic genres, you may get it just like I did. Many musical styles are showcased here in this creative progression, and among all the genre tags on the Soundcloud upload of the song, the "Post-Pony" tag especially struck me. Sonny's lyrics are very cute too and this feels innocent yet not-so-innocent at the same time, a blissful and refreshing beauty of a track!