• Nightmare Night Pony Compilation Album: Equestrian Terror Corps - Luna's Nightmare Society

    We can always thank pony label Equestrian Terror Corps for organizing such appreciated initiatives, and here again they've gathered many awesome musicians to participate in a new compilation album with an overarching pony theme. The musicians saw fit to contribute with dark experiments straight from Equestria, and among the pony concept-powered masterpieces you will find DAϟH's title track Luna's Nightmare Society, Nyancat380's The Pony That Sealed His Terrible Fate about Scootaloo, Payyn's Luna's Experience with Ayahuascaare enacting Luna's trip consuming ayahuascaare, the self-explanatory A Giant Pumpkin Is Trying To Eat Pinkie from PeKaNo, and Crash13 X's emotional The Silent Butterfly about Fluttershy to name a few. I got to attend to the live release party of the album, happening in Equestrian Terror Corps' Discord server and streamed through FancyNoise Radio, and it was such an amazing time with everypony (and that cuddly moment full of love at the end was just wonderful ♥). Give it up to the musicians and organizers, and please savor all these treats everypony!!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here.