• Equestria Girls: Street Magic with Trixie Episode Follow Up


    If there was any character that got better with time, it would still be Sunset Shimmer to me. But I can say Trixie is a close second. This was a character who was loved, hated, and loved to hate by everyone in the fandom and it always seems to change with every episode she turns up in. Personally, she rubs me the wrong way, but I can’t dislike her confidence and love for flair magic. This short just shows what a head turner she can be. If I can give this short a moral, it would be to enjoy what you’re doing no matter what. There could be others that are better than you but there really is only one you that you can be. Either that or not try to chop a classmate’s dog in half without practicing the trick first. Let’s see how Trixie’s sidewalk show goes.

     It looks like one of Trixie’s tricks is the old sawing in half routine involving a sentient animal that can talk. I guess ventriloquism using a talking dog would be beneath her, but I would also think still doing magic regardless of already seeing others using magic from another dimension would be a waste, too. I guess that’s a reason I can still like (tolerate) Trixie since she still wants to do this probably as a career in Vegas or something.


    Well can’t say she has much of an audience right now. But would you want to see a dog sawed in half on your way to the coffee shop? And I’m pretty sure they’re in front of Rarity’s workplace so somehow Rarity is also fine with Spikey Wikey being sliced. Comforting. Also while going frame by frame, this car on the side is Flash’s by the design on the hood. He’s probably on his way to steal your waifu.


    Spike: “Everyone believes that you’re great and powerful. You don’t have to prove it.”

    Now Spike. What has Twilight told you about lying? Haven’t you learned anything from Applejack? I do love this moment of Trixie that just says “don’t worry I got this’ knowing full well she probably has sliced a few stuffed animals while practicing this trick. Don’t worry Spike. That box is at least big enough that you can curl up and not get chopped. Maybe mind the tail though. 


    Well it looks like some people are looking forward to calling the humane society in case of an injured puppy. The smiles on a few of them might say otherwise. Glad to see Lily Longsocks seems intrigued by this. Maybe super strength can come in handy with magic. We also have Sandlewood who might be witnessing the death of a talking dog. 


    Well can’t say I wasn’t impressed with this moment. Trixie kind of handled random stuff just floating in the air and forgot what the original trick was going to be. I don’t know if accidental magic counts as still doing magic without any way of knowing how you’re doing it, but I guess if it makes Trixie smile I don’t have to think too hard about it. Even Spike is surprised to still be breathing. 


    I want to think this is the look of a dog that really doesn’t want to explain exactly how this is all happening. But I can’t say he should tell her the truth here. Makes you really think of the idea that maybe you shouldn’t be honest all the time and that maybe just keeping things a bit quiet is fine for now. And again, the fact that Trixie kind of just rolled with this all happening even while knowing magic does exist, she’s seen it before, and knows the people who can actually use magic, she still has this satisfied smile. Trixie might be the bittersweet character I never knew I needed to watch.


    Not like we all didn’t see that coming. Don’t think Twilight would’ve appreciated her dog being used as a magic test dummy for a teenage girl possibly waving a sharp sword around in the air. Pretty sure swords aren’t banana yellow like that, but who knows. And this look on Twilight’s face, I really can’t explain it. Is this the smug smile of a prankster messing with Trixie? Is this the smile of being glad to help save her dog and make a friend feel good about herself and her magic? Is this the smile of someone aware that someone from beyond is writing a follow up about this very moment? The world may never know.


     It straight baffles me how she can be so smug and cocky one minute and then so genuinely sweet looking the next. These two shots were maybe less than 3 seconds apart. And I can’t help but find her love of magic so endearing. Why do you confuse me Lunamoon? Why do you make me interested in your story?

    And that was Street Magic with Trixie, a short of showmanship in the eyes of the non-believers that Trixie can be a good character. I can admit she took some time for me to grow on. I knew what her purpose was from her first episode Boast Busters and a bit startled to see her come back in Magical Dual two seasons later. Then another return to be friends with another character that took the fandom to get used to Starlight Glimmer. It was at that moment I actually did start to like Trixie as a character for others to play off of. She’s better when she’s interacting with oddballs like Starlight and Discord. She can be sweet and capable when it’s needed and it’s those genuine moments that make her shine the brightest. I would've loved to see her backstory as a filly. Dropped out of magic school to be a magician, being teased by unicorns at how silly it would be to do dime store tricks when levitation is probably a level 1 skill. Being big headed and cocky to cover the insecurities of what she wanted to do. So much can come from her story and maybe if I seen it, I would've liked her from the very beginning. And I don’t deny that due to shades of blue and purple being a couple of my favorite colors, a lot of her outfits have been favorites to me personally. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna binge watch a bunch of magicians on the internet because I can. Have a happy Trixie Day and learn a new card trick or something. 

    (Editor's Note: While writing this and setting it up on Blogger, I didn't know how many labels there were for Trixie. Wonder how that happened.)