• More Pony Music! Autumn, Nightmare Night, Dark Ambient

    Got overloaded with solo posts to do, so this bonus music post is a bit late, but important nonetheless! Check out all of the other awesome pony music releases made by the community in the meantime! There will also be a separate roundup post about the other tracks from P@D Eclipse that have been released on YouTube in the meantime!

    1. Yuru - Call Me Choco

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    Yuru's newest piece that got on the Outertone label! It's infused with Pinkie energy! And bed squeaking sounds, haha.

    2. SweetF1RE - Sad Song

    Vocal - Electronic

    This song in Russian has a PMV to go along with it! I don't know what it's about since it wasn't translated, but those who speak Russian among you will know!

    3. Ocean Melody - Autumn Falls

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    A song celebrating the current season from Ocean Melody!

    4. Power Note - Night and Day

    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep

    A very cute and cuddly wub-powered release from Power Note! Also check out his other recent release, Déflagration! And one more down below!

    5. Snow Swirl - Lunar Princess

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    A short yet awesome track made for Nightmare Night, with appreciated bells and organ fitting for the dark vibes of the celebration!

    6. GazPony - Eclipse (feat. BreeBree)

    Vocal - Metal

    GazPony powered up, with a very rocking collab with BreeBree!

    7. TheTaZe - The Dark Night

    Instrumental - Trap

    TheTaZe contributed to the sacred celebration of Nightmare Night too, with a Trap special full of eerie vibes!

    8. Nicolas Dominique - The Daybreaking Nightmare

    Instrumental - Trance

    ...And Nicolas Dominique contributed too, with a concept-powered track enacting a battle between Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon!

    9. Koron Korak - No Answers Refine Doubts

    Instrumental - Dark Ambient

    A heartfelt Dark Ambient from the master, that is expressing current struggles as explained in the description! Let's hope Koron will find that "boat"!

    10. PinkE_PartE (Toothpaste) - Disgusting

    Instrumental - Soundtrack/Deep Dubstep

    Under the PinkE_PartE alias, Toothpaste returned to contribute to Nightmare Night with a very creative and fitting track and it's so appreciated!

    11. Twisted Tail Kings x Nyancat380 - The Weapon

    Instrumental - Kadacore

    A track made for Luna's Nightmare Society that is all kinds of crazy! Twisted Tail Kings is the collab alias of r_chase and Acid Applejack, so this track actually has 3 musicians contributing!

    12. Toby Macarony - Giggle at the Creepy

    Vocal - Alternative Electronic

    Toby just had to contribute to this Nightmare Night, with his dark musical tendencies! He sure provided in that style here, with such dark effects on the vocals and an eerie atmosphere!

    13. Skyshard - The Adventure (feat. Zelizine) (Covering Aviators)

    Vocal - Soft Rock

    Skyshard covered the original song from Aviators with love, gathering the help of Zelizine and making the Magic of Friendship shine!

    14. Nyancat380 - The Pony That Sealed His Terrible Fate

    Vocal - Skullstep

    Sampling Scootaloo's voice, this other contribution to Luna's Nightmare Society from Nyancat380 is delightfully mad and spooky, with Skullstep being another genre of choice for Nightmare Night!

    15. Acid Applejack - Frequency of Nightmare Night

    Instrumental - Hardcore

    Acid Applejack's solo contribution to Luna's Nightmare Society, a sick Hardcore banger made by the book and following the successful alchemy recipe!

    16. SpinScissor - Running of the Leaves

    Vocal - Indie Pop

    A meaningful and dreamy song from SpinScissor, aiming at the stars!

    17. Power Note - Cauchemar

    Vocal - Midtempo

    A kinkier take on the S1 premiere courtesy of Power Note!

    18. Daniel Ingram - I've Got To Find A Way x The Pony I Want To Be (Ardhy Mahardhy Bootleg)

    Vocal - Progressive House

    An appreciated bright mashup/bootleg of those two songs!

    19. MelodyBrony - I'm Not Gay (feat. Blackened Blue & Acouste Wholenote) (Covering PrinceWhateverer, Djohn Mema & Sable Symphony)

    Vocal - Rock

    MelodyBrony & Friends covered Prince & Friends' parody, renewing the celebration of those epic lyrics!

    20. Witch Of Despair - Celestial Protectress

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    An aerial and celestial song from Witch Of Despair, that is definitely a delight!

    21. MirroredReality - Mirage

    Instrumental - House/Folk

    A relaxing and uplifting song from MirroredReality that is also a journey in different musical cultures with those Folk influences!


    BlackIceMusic - Nightmare Night Set 2020 (Multi-Genre)

    r_chase - raridash song

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!