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    1. G1 Villains in G4 MLP, Part 1
    2. More Power Ponies
    3. Pharynx being leader of the Changelings
    4. Young 6 to Leader 6 

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    More Power Ponies 

    By Double C

    The Power Pony episode was interesting to watch for it had many elements from Marvel, DC, and Power Rangers. It would have been fun if they made another episode about it but changed their minds. Equestria Daily did an interview with Jim Miller and he did originally do wanted to do another Power Pony episode but was dropped for whatever reason. Hopefully IDW has plans to make new Power Pony editions with new characters both heroes and villains from other franchises.

    To me it would have been made in honor of Stan Lee since some of the cast and crew did work on some Marvel cartoons. In fact it would have been fun if the studio would have had him on the show before his death. He would have been seen as one of Spike’s idol and role model and would have been devastated like all of us fans did when he passed away. For a theory, the MLP Stan Lee may have been the one who created the enchanted comic because he wanted to teach the reader(s) the value of friendship.

    Since Spike left behind his old comics, he’s probably going to read new editions which hopefully will be another enchanted comic. I like to see not only him and the Mane 6 reprised their roles but also other characters. Some of the hero’s they will portray will have powers and none so this way Hum Drum won’t be the only hero without powers. For me I would like to see Flash Sentry as Caption America, Fancy Pants as Iron Man, Soarin as Nightwing, and Cheese Sandwich as Green Arrow. Let you guys know yes Caption America does possess powers but it’s been stated numerous times both in the comics and by the creators that he is at the theoretical peak of human physical ability. So he isn’t at the same league as Thor or Caption Marvel in terms of true superpowers.

    For the villains, they will be based off of ones from Marvel and DC. I read that Masked Matter-Horn came from Professor Celestia's School for Gifted Youth which means we will see an adaptation of Magneto (Luna) and the Mutant Brotherhood. Since the Maniac is pattern after the Joker it would make sense they would also add Lex Luthor especially if they team up. Other villains like Doctor Doom (Stan Lee’s personal favorite), Ultron, Bane, and Ra's al Ghul should also be considered but with some toned downs.

    So if you guys have a chose, which MLP character would you like to see as a comic book inspired hero? Which other villain(s) would you like to see?


    Pharynx being leader of the Changelings
    By: FlareGun45

    So what do we know about Pharynx? He's Thorax's brother, and basically his second-in-command. He doesn't like ponies very much or soft cuddly stuff (tolerates it tho), but he loves his hive and wants to see it safe. At least that's what we got - we just got left with cameos of him, with no dialogue, so not quite sure what he wants now. Pharynx and Thorax are pretty much polar-opposites - Thorax is soft, and very open and friendly, but started to become just a little more assertive with the help of Ember.

    The question is though: could Pharynx be a better leader for the hive than Thorax? Don't get me wrong, Thorax is a great leader - though is it really what he wants? He became leader only because he became an icon to the reformed changelings, and he does indeed want what's best for the hive, and so does Pharynx. Although, I could definitely see Thorax retiring the leadership position and to give it to Pharynx, because I feel that Thorax would believe his brother would know what's best for the hive much better than he ever would. Is it true though? It's all in the matter of perspective really.

    Why I'm bringing this up is because with Equestria becoming completely creature-friendly, the changelings would need an ambassador or a senator, a representative to Equestria being taken care of by Spike. And quite frankly, I think Thorax would be much happier being a representative for the Changelings than being a leader, because:
    1. He's socially better than Pharnyx
    2. He gets to be with Spike more
    3. Thorax actually likes the ponies, and Pharynx does at least tolerate them, but downright likes them? I think he's pretty much with Garble in that department. Though, maybe not AS bad as Garble.

    If Thorax would become the changeling ambassador, then Pharynx would become the new leader of the hive, and really, I do believe it's always been Pharynx's dream to do. Thorax only wanted to be accepted and have friends, but Pharynx was always a natural-born leader, doesn't matter if good or evil, he always knew what was best for the changelings.

    I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't say Ocellus is the ambassador. We all saw the finale, she hangs out at the school still, probably as a teacher. Besides, being an ambassador would probably be too much pressure for her.

    So what do you think? You think within the timejump Thorax became ambassador of the changelings, and Pharynx became the new leader?
    Young 6 to Leader 6

    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So one of my predications for the ending of FiM was that the Young 6, except for Sandbar, would become the rulers of their lands. Of course The Last Problem came and that didn’t happen for the group, which I’m not disappointed by, but I really would have wanted to see it happen…

    Now the reasons why I say that the Young 6 (Again, except for Sandbar) would become the Leader 6 is because of the fact they were specifically chosen by the rulers of the different lands to attend the School of Friendship, most likely to gain experience on how to deal with the ponies in the future. The rulers of the different lands could have chosen anyone to send to the school, but they must have felt that the six, minus Sandbar, had something special about them.

    And we saw that the Young 6 are entirely capable of being leaders time and time again, with the most prominent example of course being The Ending of the End, with them rallying everyone to come to the Mane 6’s aid before it was too late. Such an example like this is worthy of them becoming the next leaders of their lands and until The Last Problem came out, I was still so sure we would see them as the next leaders.

    That’s not to say that can still happen in the future when they grow older. Gallus would become the new king of Griffonstone. Silverstream would become the new queen of Mt. Aris and Seaquestria after her cousin Skystar. Smolder, after passing the Gauntlet of Fire, would become the new dragon lord after Ember. Yona would become the new princess of Yakyakistan after Prince Rutherford. And Ocellus would become queen in the Changeling Kingdom after Thorax.

    Of course there is Sandbar, the oddball of the group, who obviously can’t become the next “princess” of Equestria, but maybe he could do well as the mayor of Ponyville after Mayor Mare or heck maybe Sandbar could become Chancellor Sandbar in charge of the EEA.

    And just imagine if the Young 6 became the Leader 6… It could mean a new era of real peace and growth, there would be no more fighting, no more threats of wars, not that it would happen with the canon future. However with the Leader 6, the different lands would be able to work out deals and settle disputes more easily since the leaders know each other so well.

    Of course if that did happen, some would say the leaders are being very biased and taking personal feelings too much into account, things like that, but I don’t see this as a problem, more like an advantage. And as long as the Young 6 do a good job, of which I have no doubt, and most everyone is happy, than let them continue.

    But that’s just my thoughts, are you fine with how the Young 6 ended up in their lives or do you also wish for them to become the next rulers?

    G1 Villains in G4 MLP, Part 1
    By Hononoken the Samurai

    While not always the deepest characters, the villains of "Friendship Is Magic" were certainly among the most memorable villains I've ever seen (sometimes for the wrong reasons, but that's besides the point). Yet at least two of those villains, Tirek and Grogar, were from the "Generation 1" era of My Little Pony from the 1980s. While the Smooze from the 1986 movie appeared in FiM, his appearance there was far from what it was originally portrayed as. This has made some fans question how other villains from G1 MLP could fit into the world of Friendship Is Magic. These are my interpretations.

    First, we have Catrina, the feline witch who relies on Witchweed potion, which grants her weather-related magic powers and an increased size. Catrina would hail from Abyssinia, like Capper, and similar to G1, she would have slaves forcing her to make Witchweed for her (in this case, fellow Abyssinians), and also be involved with Klugetown's criminal underworld. Believing unicorns would be more beneficial to making Witchweed, she would journey to Equestria and capture some of its best unicorns to make into slaves, drawing the attention of Twilight and her friends.

    Secondly, Erebus, a cloud monster who devours shadows to gain strength. His personality was originally like an evil music manager, tricking a pony into helping him find and devour more shadows in exchange for helping his musical career. I'd go for a much different approach in G4, specifically, an ancient monster and old friend of Grogar, whose devoured shadows for sustenance. This made him a natural enemy for King Sombra, a being made of pure shadow, and Sombra had to deal with him prior to being defeated and imprisoned by Celestia and Luna.

    Finally, we have Lavan, a lava monster who wanted to steal all of the ponies' magic, similar to present-day Tirek. To make him more of his own unique character, I would make him yet another Grogar-era ancient monster, one who threatened ponies before and after Equestria was established. Seeking to literally burn everything associated with harmony to the ground, he would attempt to completely destroy Equestria before being defeated and thrown into Tartarus by the Pillars of Old Equestria.

    There's more villains that existed in G4, like the witch Hydia and her daughters Reeka and Draggle, but these were the villains I wanted to focus on specifically. How do you think these and other G1 villains would fit into G4?

    Art by DeviantArt user Sakuyamon