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    • Which of the Mane 6 will be shipped Next in Season 10?
    • What the Season 10 Finale Could Be!
    • Will Spike meet his real Family in Season 10? 
    • Why Do People Always Obsess Over "Famous" Bronies?

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    Which of the Mane 6 will be shipped Next in Season 10?
    By Double C

    When I looked at what was upped on Equestria Daily I saw that IDW is coming out with Issue 94 that involves Pinkie and Cheese. It looks like we are finally get to see how the most popular ship in the fandom got to become a couple. But it seems also that IDW has opened the door for the rest of the Mane 6 for possible romance stories. To make this possible, in opinion they should have the remaining five find their special someone in their own stories. Because in the past the Mane 6 found their element and key one by one so the ship should work in the same way.

    I hope Twilight will be second and she finally falls for her love interest Flash Sentry. Yes I’m at it again with more flashlight ship opportunity. I still believe that he will be assigned to Twilight as both her personal guard and head of security in Canterlot.

    Rainbow would be third and her love interest is Soarin. Once again them being in the Wonderbolts will help them get closer especially if they team up against the Washouts. I can imagine Lighting Dust doing something cruel put Rainbow out of action for good but Soarin would help out.

    Rarity will be fourth, Fluttershy fifth, and Applejack sixth and last to be shipped. While it is unknown how they will meet their boyfriends but their some ideas. Rarity would meet her love interest at a fashion convention or a fashion competition. Fluttershy would meet her love interest during an animal watch or takes employment at her animal sanctuary. Applejack would meet her love interest at a rodeo or takes employment on Sweet Apple Orchard. Now these are just most likely to happen since it’s in their field of expertise. But in all they might meets them somewhere else like at the park, beauty salon, or at the Grand Galloping Gala.

    It makes sense that all the Mane 6 get to find their future boyfriends then husbands so that Pinkie won’t be the only one in the group. I just hope the fandom can accept our main character of being shipped especially if fan favorites like Flashlight and SoarinDash will be confirmed. I can’t to see what adventures they will go on to spread friendship while going through some tough time but still finding hope.

    What the Season 10 Finale Could Be!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So with Season 10 in comic book form continuing with new stories, eventually there may be a big finale like a normal season does, with normally a huge threat and a set of heroes saving the day. And I do believe we already got a clue to what the finale for Season 10 might be… Remember one of the stained glass windows which included the Young 6? So that’s what we’re going to discuss and yeah I know… Yet another topic on the Young 6, but I can’t help it when I love the group so much!

    Okay first lets talk about the stained glass window itself and examine that, shall we?

    So in The Last Problem, as Twilight and Luster Dawn are walking through the hall, with the stained glasses, we see one commemorating something the Young 6 did. (Took long enough if you ask me!) The Young 6 are fighting a rhino like creature, who is red and appears to live in a fiery area and is looking rather angry about something. Of course the Young 6 are above, probably in the act of magic blasting the rhino, like in The Ending of the End or maybe being assisted by the spirit of the Tree of Harmon and defeating the rhino and saving Equestria.

    Now of course we have yet to see the actual event or even the background, all we know is from the stained glass window, which to me seems plausible for the story to be told in Season 10. And some of you may say… “Well wouldn’t it make more sense for the finale to be about Flurry Heart because we also see a stained glass for her?” Well maybe… But take into account that Season 10 takes place right after The Ending of the End and Flurry in her window is a full blown princess, all grown up. She’s still a tiny infant at the end of Season 9 and I’m pretty sure it will stay that way in Season 10 unless there is a major time jump. For the stained glass with the Young 6, they still look to be… Well young, for lack of a better term, so it makes more sense for them.

    Now, the actual event… For me, I think this rhino like creature most likely lives near the Dragon Lands, owning to its fiery appearance and the fact the Dragon Lands are a very volcanic area. One day in the Dragon Lands, this rhino suddenly appears and threatens to take over the kingdom, with the dragons unable to stop it, because of its resistance to fire breaths.

    Meanwhile in Canterlot, Twilight hears of the news from Ember and knows she must send help, but unfortunately for her, most of her friends are away on missions and can’t come back fast enough. So that’s when the Young 6, especially Smolder who’s home is being attacked, hears of this while at the School of Friendship and rushes to Canterlot, with Headmare Starlight’s permission of course, coming to their former headmare. They beg to be allowed to go save the Dragon Lands themselves before its too late. At first hesitating a bit, Twilight decides to let them and the Young 6, after maybe struggling a little first, eventually beat the rhino, making the creature retreat back to where it came from.

    With the Young 6 having saved the day, they are honored with a ceremony, in a similar fashion when the Mane 6 defeated Discord and are given their own stained glass window in the hall, marking their shining moment when they saved a kingdom.

    So that’s my interpretation of that stained glass window and what happened and what I imagine the Season 10 finale would look like. But what do you all think about this and what do you think the finale could be!?

    Will Spike meet his real Family in Season 10?
    By Double C

    You know guys, throughout the show we know nothing about Spike’s past or even his parents where about. That is what really makes no sense I mean we saw the Mane 6 parent and family so why not Spike. They never left any clue of about where he was found or Ember mentioning that an egg was missing years ago from the nesting grounds. To me it just made him feel more of an outcast to his friends even though the Sparkles “adopted” him. Don’t take this the wrong way but he barely is seen with his Night Light and Twilight Velvet in a parent and son time which I hope the comics will do a better job than the show. But I also hope we get to see his real family and not an imposter. I’ve read that Cathy did say at a Comic-Con panel that she wants Spike to meet his mother. Unknown why it didn’t go through but it would have been better then what we saw in Fathers Knows Beast.

    Spike meeting his real parents would make an interesting story for IDW to write since he will have many challenges. The most obvious is who should he rather live with, his real family or his adopted family. We have seen this type family problem with Scootaloo and Terramar, so it make scene that Spike should also go through this. I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be ok for Spike to have both his real and adopted families.

    It be interesting to see how his real and adopted families get along due to differences in methods and traditions. The parents would fight each other over winning Spike’s love on important days like his birthday or Hearts Warming but ends badly. I would see this like in Daddy’s Home where Will Ferrell (the Sparkles) and Mark Wahlberg (real parents) try to prove who the better parent is. It is unknown if Spike has any siblings but if he does they would get into arguments with Twilight and Shining of who he should hang out with more. But the real issue that his real parents have is that why is Spike given such a huge responsibility that really her friends should especially witnessing her son having an emotional breakdown. I can imagine Twilight and his mom getting into a fist fight but it lowers them.

    Even though both the show and comics talk about solving friendship problems but I do like it tackling family problems. It would finally end Spike’s journey of learning more about his origins and learning the true love of a family. Do you guys think he should meet his real family?