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    • Could Generation 5 head for Youtube as well?
    • The Real P.P.O.V.
    • Who Should Spike be Shipped With?
    • Please Support SFW Artists Too!

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    Who Should Spike be Shipped With?
    By Double C

    For years Spike has had a crush on Rarity but we all know it will never happen since she sees him as a little brother. In the fandom however, fans seem to ship him with practically every girl which many thinks he’s become a ladies man. But I believe he wants to find the right girl to marry and have kid’s because he wants to be a good husband and father. Out of dozens of girls fans like to ship him with, five stand out as the best and will find whoever he will spend the rest of his life with.

    Applejack: I have already made a Soapbox about how this relationship can work. You can also read and watch DisneyFanatic23’s Bride of Discord, Daughter of Discord, and A Different Kind of Family, which is a prequel of Daughter of Discord.

    Sweetie Belle: If there was a ship that can rival Rarity that would be her little sister called SweetieSpike. Fans have believed they would make a sweet couple since they’ve danced together in both A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 and Celestial Advice. Besides being cutie, Sweetie Belle has shown being organized like Twilight so Spike would fall for a girl with both beauty and brains. Also in opinion, I would rather see her with him then with Button Mash because he has no personality and has no interest in her. Rarity would be shocked to learn that her sister and spike are in a relationship and would try to sabatosh it.

    Ember: The ship Spember seems odd but many fans find it interesting because both characters differences and similarities fit each other. Spike’s soft and reasoning personality fits well to Ember’s tough and hard headed personality. Both have been judged because of the small size but have proved that big things come in small packages. Torch would be against his daughter from being in a relationship with a dragon who acts like a pony and girly. But he would give his blessing for them both so long as Spike makes sure he keeps his daughter happy and not hurt her or he will face a dragon father’s wrath.

    These three are fan favorites and most likely for Spike to go for. The problem would be that Spike has moved back to Canterlot so he can do his job as Twilight’s advisor. The best solution is Spike can still live in either Ponyville or the Dragon Lands with his family and come to Canterlot when Twilight needs help with hard work and not everyday ones. Discord could give him an item that can open a portal from either Ponyville or the Dragon Lands to Canterlot so that he wouldn’t be tired.

    Like to know what you guys think about whom Spike should be with. If you have someone else Spike should be with then let me know and why because I’m open minded to any suggestions. Once again if you’re not into this don’t leave any mean comments.

    The Real P.P.O.V.
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So the episode P.P.O.V. or Pony Point of View was pretty good, showing the different views that Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie had on their seaside trip together, and well how they were pretty much all wrong. However despite the pros of the episode, there is one major con in my opinion… It’s not a real point of view in the literal sense!

    Now you might be asking what I mean by this, well stop asking and I’ll get to it! What I mean by a literal point of view is that we don’t see the episode in first person, through the eyes of an actual pony and what he or she sees. It would be great if we saw P.P.O.V. or heck any other episode in the first person view, it would certainly being a new perspective into things.

    I know that it would be a challenge for the show animators to pull off, but it could work, other shows have done so as much. One example I would like to bring up is a Family Guy episode, in which part of the episode we saw what Stewie goes through during a regular day, through his eyes, adding a new point of view to his character.

    The same can work for MLP too. I imagine an episode where we get to see the average day that a pony goes through, most likely focusing on one of the Mane 6. Or maybe an episode where we get the points of view from all of the Mane 6, with two to three minutes for each of them. It would be interesting to see what the Mane 6 goes through during an average day, through their eyes. Heck, maybe this concept could have even worked for the 200th episode, (Not that I didn’t like and enjoy Sparkle’s Seven!) kinda of like Slice of Life, but for the Mane 6.

    Either way, since FiM is done, this is no longer possible, but maybe in the future issues of the Season 10 comics or even in G5, this idea could be a possibility, which I really hope it happens.

    But what do you think? Would you have also liked an episode completely done in the first person view or are you fine with how everything went?

    Could Generation 5 head for Youtube as well?
    By: Daimando

    Recently, Hasbro confirmed that My Little Pony: Pony Life, the sub-series that will tide us over until Generation 5 hits the market, will be available for viewing on Youtube. There was a part of me that thought this would happen, mainly because we had the Equestria Girls Youtube series, plus the My Little Pony shorts of early 2019, the Hello Pinkie Pie shorts, and the Stop Motion Ponies. Even more so, Transformers is also adapting to Youtube in a way where Transformers: Cyberverse is also available to watch on the site, in addition to being on Cartoon Network.

    But there is also word that the contract between Discovery Family and Hasbro is set to expire between now and sometime next year. This may explain why My Little Pony content on Discover Family has been reduced to three of its seasons. But that being said, I also think that Pony Life on Youtube is a test to see if Generation 5 will also follow suit and become a Youtube series.

    Right now, I consider the idea pure speculation as Generation Five is set to have its own theatrical movie as early as next year. But with Hasbro slowly embracing Youtube as a platform for its content in recent times, I wouldn't be surprised if Generation Five were to also be a Youtube exclusive series. In my mind, I think Cable TV's relevance in the eyes of kids is disappearing due to the ease of access of streaming sites like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, CBS All Access and HBO Max. You can watch your favorite shows when you want, and where you are, where with Cable, it only aired on a certain channel at a certain time..

    Though if Youtube had only one advantage over the other : It didn't need a subscription service to even show a video in the first place.

    Please Support SFW Artists Too!
    By: Belle

    As someone involved with the artist community, it always saddens me to see a SFW artist who has always had an aversion to NSFW material suddenly start drawing it out of desperation. I know a few people like this who just saw no success at all with regular pony and eventually cracked at the hundredth request for a NSFW commission.

    Some people don't want to draw explicit ponies. A lot of them are still really incredible artists. It would be a huge shame to lose a lot of them due to the fandom's insatiable appetite for NSFW. Please consider commissioning a SFW artist some time. They really could use your support.