• More Pony Music! Life In The Pony Music Scene

    YouTube releases from recent albums and compos ahoy, along your usual roundup of the other pony music that came out in the meantime! Let's dig in all those gems! No I'm not a dragon... Anyway...

    1. SP1TF1R3 & 4mplitude - Insomnia

    Instrumental - Psytrance

    A dark and mad Psytrance gem themed around the Tantabus, as you can read from the description on YouTube!

    2. 4EverfreeBrony - Many A Lifetime (Stairway to Heaven Parody)

    Vocal - Blues Rock

    Most of you probably already heard it by now, but I'm sharing it anyway! An outstanding ponification of the classic Stairway to Heaven from 4EverfreeBrony, telling the premise of the show!

    3. Francis Vace & Koa - Pegasissy

    Vocal - Pop Punk

    Same here for this track from [email protected] Ignite that you've likely already heard, but it just got a due YouTube release and considering how epic and catchy the song is, it's well worth a heads-up!

    4. Evgeniy Doctor & GrazySmash - Invasion

    Instrumental - Psytrance

    From Equinity 03 Breach, this crazy collab is transcribing the heat of one epic battle with all these Psytrance wonders! And you can hear the classic Twilight "Wow, catchy!" sample being used too!

    From the same compilation album, check out other recent YouTube releases from it, namely LasPalmas, My Design, Radical, ThrowbackBackdoor and Chronicles!

    5. TheTaZe - Escapade

    Instrumental - Trap

    TheTaZe's Escapade makes wonderful use of heavenly Flutterchops, making it quite nostalgic! Also check out TheTaZe's other contribution to Equinity 03 Breach, her remix of TCB's :twi:!

    6. Kareniya - Hush Now Little Sister (Covering Daniel Ingram)

    Vocal - Acoustic

    A new lovely Acoustic cover from Kareniya, this time it's giving love to a show song and it's so appreciated getting such a tender and blissful new version of it!

    7. GazPony - On My Own

    Vocal - Metal

    A fairly new pony musician entering the scene, GazPony already shows what appears to be their signature musical style, with the gritty guitar and Industrial vibes! Let's wish them the best for their future musical endeavors!

    8. Toby Macarony - Rainbow Highway

    Instrumental - Rock

    The perfect track to play while riding on road 66 with your friends! ...Or whatever is the quivalent in Equestria. Part of Toby's Shenanigans Two!

    9. eksoka - Tale of Autumn

    Instrumental - Progressive Trance

    Tale of Autumn is one of the new tracks from eksoka's Friendship-themed album Wherever We Go, and it definitely has the musician's distinct emotion in the music!

    10. AnimatronicPony & Burning Gryphon - Soul Tripper

    Instrumental - Chillstep

    An awesome collab full of emotional vibes! Definitely a success!

    11. Pink Pastel Putz - Another Pony Holiday Song

    Vocal - Indie Pop

    Pink Pastel Putz is back, and with a very thought-provoking and relatable track!

    12. CAPT - i can manipute you

    Instrumental - Hardstyle

    CAPT's entry to the current DustCar race gets an early YouTube release! Despite technical difficulties, it was completed to represent the "most villainous" MLP villain Cozy Glow on the race themed around "MLP Villains and Antagonists"!

    13. Daniel Ingram - Let's Have a Battle (Of the Bands) (Rod Steven Remix)

    Vocal - Eurobeat

    You know the drill. New Eurobeat remix of an EQG song by Rod Steven!

    14. Ethan Toavs- Life In Ponyland

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Ethan's contribution to the first DustCar compo (that won the race) is a G3-themed masterpiece that will blow you away with such an intense progression and composition, even featuring epic choirs! Also check out Ethan's other recent releases, Dreams Do Come True (Rock 'N' Roll Orchestra Arrangement) and We're The Ladybugs (Rock 'N' Roll Orchestra Arrangement), from G3.5 and G3 respectively!


    Faulty - GalaConline Set (100% Pony Mix)

    loophoof - bongoshy

    Single Purpose - Tw3Fest DnB Set

    loophoof - Live at BronyCon 2019

    BeatSpark - Lunar and Redman's Wedding Set

    Jalmaan - Tw3Fest Set

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!