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    • Modern Setting for G5?
    • Griffonstone’s Conundrum
    • Thoughts on Future Mayors of Ponyville.
    • Episodes that should have been rejected by Hasbro
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    Modern Setting for G5?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I was thinking about MLP G5 and well to be more specific, the setting of it. How different would it be from the setting of FiM, if it’s going to be different in the first place.

    Well my thoughts are that G5 could be a more industrialized Equestria (If it’s still going to be Equestria…) in terms of clear sources of electrical power and more modern and faster means of transportation than what we have seen from FiM. Now you may be thinking that this sounds similar to another pair of shows and you would be right! If you haven’t guessed it already, I was thinking of Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series, The Legend of Korra.

    In that pair of shows, there is a clear difference in the society and improvement of the setting. The Last Airbender presented a much older society, where sources of electricity to provide lightning have yet to exist, much less run modern means of travel. In The Legend of Korra, a lot of progress has been made, with not only electricity to provide light, but electric powered railroads for people to travel across the land.

    Now FiM has shown a little progress in going to the modern world, take for example the city of Manehattan, in which we see the ponies have in fact built very tall skyscrapers and lightning for the streets. However there are other things missing, or well that we didn’t see from Manehattan, let alone the rest of Equestria and that is a running metro system beneath the city to ease travel time and traffic.

    Speaking of that, in an earlier soapbox, I talked about how Equestria’s transportation system is older, what with steam powered locomotives and hot air balloons for means of travel between cities and towns. To see, if in G5, that the railroads have moved from steam power to diesel or electric powered locomotives and maybe for simple small hot air balloons to evolve into large zeppelins, like the Hindenburg.

    And well from MLP related media itself, we may have hints of G5 being in a more modern setting in Pony Life. There we see ponies actually using tablets and phones, something that FiM never had, but of course Pony Life will most likely have no meaning towards G5 and what that will be, so less likely. And I honestly don’t expect G5 to take place in our current times.

    I, however, expect, as I have said, for it to take place in a more modern setting, in the earlier soapbox I talked about, I pointed out the means of travel Equestria uses belong more to the 1800s. Well I would expect G5 to take place during the period of the first half of the 20th century, again because of the forms of transportation I have mentioned.

    But what do you think the setting of G5 could be? More Modern or maybe even older than FiM?

    Griffonstone’s Conundrum
    By: Toad256

    The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone is an interesting episode. The lesson of Friendship is better than some idol. So why is Griffonstone still not in the best state of place. Is the cutie map wrong in saying that friendship is the solution to Griffonstone’s problem?

    Well the lack of Friendship isn’t Griffonstone’s only problem. And I don’t fully think the cutie map is wrong even though I question it’s thought process with Flim & Flam. I actually think Rainbow and Pinkie are the problem here. They thought their mission was to help Griffonstone and they thought they did, but their actions were about fixing and rekindling a friendship. That friendship being between Gilda and Rainbow or Gilda and Rainbow.

    Friendship missions involve fixing a friendship like “Top Bolt” and “A Royal Problem” or applying friendship to promote a change in the environment. Those examples being “Made in Manehattan” and “The Hooffields and McColts”.

    So why isn’t the Griffonstone episode a change in environment? Because we don’t see the change. In “Made in Manehattan” and “The Hooffields and McColts”, we are shown a change in the environment with the former a symbolic and latter a literal change in environment.

    So the reason Griffonstone is in the same state is because the friendship mission was about rekindling a friendship, not rebuilding a kingdom. You may ask. Wasn’t Gilda put in charge to spread friendship? She was, but clearly she wasn’t up for the task at hand.

    Thoughts on Future Mayors of Ponyville.
    By: A Shy Brony

    It’s been a while since I wrote a soapbox. And with university starting literally tomorrow at the time of me writing this, what better time to write a soapbox? Like the title says, I’d like to present two ponies who I think could be great future mayors of Ponyville, after Mayor Mare decides to stop running for office. As per usual, I will only form my ideas from the show itself, no comics or other outside sources will be considered.

    To start, I’d like to look at one of the Mane Six. The ideal mayor would be a pony who can empathize with the common citizen, who can show compassion and understanding, but can also take charge and get things done. Of course, being mayor is a busy job, there won’t be much time for any other occupation. That naturally rules out ponies like Twilight and Rarity.

    So, in my opinion, the Mane Six pony who would be the best mayor of Ponyville is Fluttershy.

    What? A pony as shy as Fluttershy being mayor? Yes! Public speaking will be her biggest hurdle, but I think it’s one she can overcome. We see that she can handle singing in front of her animals and friends, if she can do that, it’s not impossible that Fluttershy couldn’t overcome her fear enough to give public speeches. And as for her other traits, she is clearly a pony full of understanding and empathy. I think Fluttershy would be a very popular, and potentially successful, candidate in a mayoral election.

    The second pony I’d like to discuss is a pony even more fit for the mayoral role than Fluttershy. A pony born to lead. Diamond Tiara.

    Even as a filly, Diamond Tiara was a natural leader. Of course, her style of leading wasn’t the best; it was efficient, but occasionally cruel. She would have easily won the school election, if she wasn’t so arrogant, refusing to heed the advice of even her closest friend.

    But that was before The CMC stepped in, and showed Diamond Tiara that she could be much more than her mother. Instead of leading through insults and threats, Diamond Tiara now can lead through inspiration, for the good of the ponies around her.

    Diamond Tiara would make for an outstanding mayoral candidate. She’s wealthy, but that wealth can be used for good. She’s smart. And after changing her ways, Diamond Tiara is certainly an inspirational and understanding leader. Along with her assistant and best friend Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara would most likely win several consecutive elections in Ponyville, if she so desired. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon would be like the Mayor Mare and Raven Inkwell of future Ponyville, a perfect duo in the Ponyville political landscape.

    But these are just my thoughts and ideas. What pony do you think would make for a great future Ponyville mayor?

    Episodes that should have been rejected by Hasbro
    By: FirePuppy

    There are some episodes that I feel should not have moved on into production. Here are some examples:

    "Applejack's Day Off" - To be honest, Rarijack has become one of the most too commonly used pairs on the show since this episode. We should have had another Discord episode besides Dungeons & Discords instead.

    "28 Pranks Later" - I didn't like this one even one bit. Why couldn't there be an episode about world records?

    "PPOV (Pony Point of View)" - This is just another of those conflicting story themed episodes. In its place should be another party-themed Pinkie Pie episode.

    "The Hearth's Warming Club" - I despised this Christmas themed episode out of them all. In its place should have been one about Parents' Day at the School of Friendship.

    "Frenemies" (or more appropriately, "Frenemidiots") - Most frickin' disgusting episode EVER!!! In fact, the whole idea for a villains-only episode instead of an arc was the worst ever done.

    "She Talks to Angel" - I actually liked this one, but I don't think another Fluttershy episode was really that necessary. We should have had just one more Pinkie Pie episode in its place, where she makes some desserts or something.

    Does anyone like these ideas?