• Gameloft MLP Game Releases Power Ponies Update

    A new Power Ponies themed story has been released on the Gameloft MLP game. As usual, there are new objects, ponies, and events to collect with the right amount of grinding of cash.

    And joining that is a short story from the wrestling arc in the pony comics.

    Get them below along with some screencaps.


    THE POWER PONIES: When the vile Mane-iac threatens Maretropolis, it’s up to the Power Ponies to stop him! But when this superhero herd gets captured, Pinkie Pie and Rarity must swoop in and save the day!

    THE E.W.H. TOURNAMENT: Are you ready to ROUGHHOOOUUSE!!! Cherry Blossom was raring to rule the ring and accomplish her wrestling dreams... until she sprained her hoof! Now, her twin sister Cheerilee has decided to don the mask of “The Mystery Mare” and take on the tournament in her place.

    Thanks to Explosionmare for the images.