• GalaConline 2020 Announced For August 1

    While in-person con season seems to be canceled for the forseeable future, several conventions are still putting up online alternatives for you all to enjoy. On August 1 2020, their originally scheduled weekend, Ludwigsburg-based Galacon will host their online version: Galaconline 2020.

    Find the announcement below the break!

    It’s hard when you have to stay inside all day, can’t go out to meet your pals, can’t host your favorite convention … Thankfully, GalaCon’s Canni Soda has discovered this fabled new thing called “the internet”, and it just might do the trick to bring all her friends together again! So, with the best technology a “1000 hours free browsing” CD could buy, Canni is hosting GalaConline, August 1st, and she hopes you will join her for a day of streamed fun!

    Cosplay, community guests (one of whom is a surprise!), Drawful, Brony Feud, and even an insightful Q&A with the GalaCon staff themselves - No expense has been spared to bring a good time to your favorite version of Netscape! Of course GalaCon experience would not be complete without a charity auction, so we prepared some special goodies for that, too, and a new charitable cause on top of that! To round out the evening, you can dance into the night with our two DJs Javier and Faulty - No guarantee they’ll put on your favorite Vaporwave (or rather, Canniwave?), but make sure you stick around regardless for some sweet tunes!

    So don’t delay - Dust off your 56k modem and put up your palm trees and greek statues, because we can’t wait to welcome you to GalaConline. You can find our schedule, stream link and more on our website!