• Analysis: The Last BronyCon - A Fandom Autopsy

    Seeing a pony video from Jenny Nicholson in this day and age really takes me back. Her, along with Griffin Lewis, really defined a lot of the early fandom with the Friendship is Witchcraft series and I fondly remember my very first BronyCon in 2012 when the episode 'Cherry Bomb' debuted and I got to see it alongside fellow fans.

    Eight years later, Jenny is back with a Fandom Autopsy now that the show and the last BronyCon have now passed. Going through the ups and downs of the fandom from a longtime viewer's perspective she offers some interesting insights in this hour-long analysis.

    I admit I have only skimmed it so far myself as I wanted to get this one up as it was blowing up our inbox a bit but I'd say this one is worthy of a bookmark for a future watch if you don't have time right now to dive into it.

    Check it out after the break! Thanks to everyone who sent it in!

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