• What Do Your Fellow Pony Fans Do For Fun? - Ponies Around the World: Hobbies Edition Results! (Part 1)

    The Coronavirus killed travel over the past few months, so Ponies Around the World has migrated into the homes for hobbies instead! We kept the submit box open for any and every hobby with a pony involved, and now these are the results!

    Expect another post with the rest tomorrow. Head on down below to see what your fellow pony fan is up to.

    76 Starlight preps the rice! - DON2602

    Art image 76
    You know, prepping rice for either lunch or dinner is good for me, but it's always amazing to have a pony assistant to help you out. Isn't that right, Starlight Glimmer?

    77 The Great and Powerful local news - DON2602

    Art image 77
    Looks like Trixie has found something to watch in the comfort of my home. What a "Great and Powerful" way to be informed!
    (TRANSLATION: "Airline Industry, one of the most severely-affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic")

    78 Fluttersweep the backyard - DON2602

    Art image 78
    1 day before garbage collection day (Sunday and Wednesday), I make it a habit to sweep the backyard off of fallen leaves and rotten fruit. But this time, my Flutterwaifu came in and helped me!

    79 Now Y’all Pay Attention - Kaipony

    Art image 79
    AJ giving some woodcarving lessons to the Princesses.

    80 DJ Starlight - Anthony Delavar

    Art image 80
    A good session is not complete without a good DJ.

    81 Kirin on Walk - Birdybird

    Art image 81
    The truth one of the hobbies I enjoy the most is tourism. Even though we couldn't go to any historical monuments, nature has many things to offer. These photos were taken in 50 km area from my home. Local nature has many things to offer.

    82 Kirin on Rock - Birdybird

    Art image 82
    Peekaboo. Gotcha.

    84 Filly Vanilla Is Cooking - XetoTravels

    Art image 84
    Aww, little Vani wants to show me what @Poniko_MLP taught her.
    Preparing a porridge with banana ♥�

    Vani: 1st, cook 200ml milk.
    2nd, add 75g oats & stir the content.
    3rd, add a fruit to get a lovely taste & still stir.
    4th, enjoy! (◕ᴗ◕✿)
    Poniko: Well done, cutie!

    85 Poniko Is Playing Animal Crossing: New Horrizons - XetoTravels

    Art image 85
    Finally the day has arrived.
    @Poniko_MLP plays ���れ �����森 (Animal Crossing New Horizons). 🌴�

    [Poniko]: "Yay! Finally I can play in Hinoji-mura village!" (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)��

    86 Ponies Are Watching German Soccer - XetoTravels

    Art image 86
    Ponies are watching german soccer. ⚽ 🇩🇪
    (Uploaded for Ponies Around The World Hobbies Edition)

    Connie: I like @skrapid!
    Poniko: ��@fctokyoofficial�好����
    Wingy: I like @FCBayern!
    Xeto: Me too. And @KFC_Uerdingen!

    87 Garage Pony - Joseph

    Art image 87
    Here is a picture of my Coco Pommel plush while I am grinding down some steel in the background. Got the plush on eBay. Working on my mini bike project.

    88 Virtual choir - Minty Treble

    Art image 88
    I miss my choral family so badly… I have been singing with my college choir for almost 10 years no stop, but due to quarentine we had to stop going to rehearsal… fortunately we did a virtual choir during the past months, although I am still waiting for the final compilation

    89 Don't mine at night - Minty Treble

    Art image 89
    I have been playing Minecraft in several worlds!! I have my own singleplayer world, another world with my BF and a Minecraft server with my brony community!! lots of fun with everyone!!

    90 - naresar

    Art image 90
    Twilight supervises some equipment upgrades and some switching operations.

    91 - naresar

    Art image 91
    Twilight supervises some equipment upgrades and some switching operations.

    92 Twilights magical drawing lessons - Vanessa Magnifier

    Art image 92
    I love to draw! I'm currently exercise my drawings. It's fun and wonderful to put the images in my hand into reality! Rarity is one of my rolemodels if it comes to art and inspiration.

    93 Vapor plays piano - Languorld

    Art image 93

    94 Showing Fluttershy Around My Garden - Flutterbatty (NatureShy)

    Art image 94
    Took my Fluttershy out to see my garden. Seems that she loves it!
    Pictured here are Sweet Williams on the left, and Canterbury Bells on the right, (both grown from seed).

    95 Showing Fluttershy Around My Garden (The Pollinator Patch) - Flutterbatty (NatureShy)

    Art image 95
    Took Fluttershy out to see my wildflower patch in my garden. It has a variety of native and non-native wildflowers and ferns, as well as pollinator attracting perennials. The hummingbirds especially love this area, and are especially attracted to the red & yellow western columbine flowers (a Pacific Northwest native).

    96 Carb work - drknert

    Art image 96

    97 PATW-HE Sugar Rush - Nicky P

    Art image 97

    98 Modular music making - CLICK FOR VIDEO! - h2g2guy

    Art image 98
    Modular synthesis is a combination of electronics and music making. Each owner of a modular synthesizer builds exactly the synthesizer they want, from individual parts they buy or build themselves -- in my case, I use modules in the Eurorack format.

    For this event, I decided to make a short jam using some Rainbow Dash voice slices from Winter Wrap Up -- these are being replayed and triggered in the modular synth. I also added some drums and a bassline. This is far from my best work, but I didn't have much time to do something more sophisticated -- I plan to do more of this sort of thing, so let me know if you find this interesting!

    99 RAWR!! - LionGlimmering Sci-Twi

    Art image 99
    Ponies playing with Dinosaur toys!

    100 Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer Diving with Australian Cuttlefish! - SeaSpray

    Art image 100
    For a few months a year during the winter months, the Australian Cuttlefish come to this breeding ground to mate and lay their Cuttlefish eggs.

    On Saturday 20 June, I took Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer for some aquatic fun. The local Cuttlefish residents didn't really pay attention to the pastel coloured ponies in the middle of their breeding area.

    Shot a video of the adventure: https://youtu.be/ZWv8vdbmHpo

    Music credit: “Sunny� by KODOMOi (http://kodomoi.bandcamp.com/)

    101 - DJHorse96

    Art image 101
    vinyl keeping the party going, broadcasting her beats around the world

    102 Pony Zoom - Joni Koivisto

    Art image 102
    Ever since the mid March, when all this current craziness started worldwide, I've been having 1-5 conference call every weekday, so it's only natural that couple of my plushies became curious about that and wanted to try out video calls too.

    103 - Silverwind Blade

    Art image 103
    Lockdown for the pandemic has meant I can't go and play airsoft, but it's still one of my favourite hobbies, and the sets of gear I wear have pony patches on them - so I represent every time I play.

    104 - Silverwind Blade

    Art image 104
    I have been using the time I've had over lockdown to catch up on my model-making. I build static model aircraft in 1/48th scale - mostly modern subjects, and also modern military ground vehicles in 1/35th scale. I also dabble in Gundam models too. I figured Twilight, nerd that she is, would probably enjoy helping me out.

    105 Pokemon Go Shy - Joni Koivisto

    Art image 105
    Fluttershy helping me with Pokemon Go. Those darn curve ball throws aren't always as easy as one might think.

    106 - Silverwind Blade

    Art image 106
    I've used the time over lockdown to get plenty of model-making done. I build 1/48 scale modern military aircraft, and 1/35 scale model tanks and ground vehicles, and occasionally some Gundam mecha too.
    Since Twilight is a big nerd like me, I figured she'd probably enjoy joining in!

    107 Geo Flutter - Joni Koivisto

    Art image 107
    Fluttershy helping me with opening a geocache. She and I have been doing geocaching together for some time now and she's been a very big help with some of the more trickier caches. Too bad her talents with animals does not seem to work too well with mosquitoes.

    108 Pinkie drawing and chilling - Arnold Gutierrez

    Art image 108
    Just a pic of my fav pony plush drawing stuff and there's a switch lite in there as well she plays with it and just chills every one and then, cute :3

    109 Pinkie Pie's Railway travels - Pip Dunbar

    Art image 109
    Shot at Canaerfon station, on the Welsh Highland Railway, North Wales.

    110 - Renard

    Art image 110
    Lyra training for EVO 2020

    111 Fire Ponies Unite - Ashi T'Miek

    Art image 111

    112 Reverse engineering a software with Sunset - dashr

    Art image 112

    113 Eyes up, Guardian! - Soulful Mirror

    Art image 113
    Gaming and drawing.

    114 MTG Arena ranked - Summer Gem

    Art image 114
    Summer Helps me get to gold rank in MTG Arena.

    115 Summer reads Fimfiction - Summer Gem

    Art image 115
    Summer takes a break to catch up on some Fimfiction.

    117 Idol Time! - Shimmer Sparkles

    Art image 117
    Twilight enjoying a performance of Bokura No Life Kimi to No Life by the J-Pop idol group µ's, which took place at the Love Live 9th Anniversary Festival superconcert on January 18th 2020.

    118 Starlight with PC hobby - Ioncorupterx

    Art image 118

    119 Starlight working on stuff pt 2 - Ioncorupterx

    Art image 119
    I'm liking these home hobby events! :D

    120 Star Hunter's Last Chance At Fun - EddictedBrony

    Art image 120
    Star Hunter spending his last chance before lockdown to play some games at Dave and Buster's, he's going to miss the arcades for a long time. (Photo taken before lockdowns.)

    121 PUDDING - EddictedBrony

    Art image 121
    Twilight makes herself some more pudding despite it not being anywhere near Hearth's Warming Eve. Can't blame her for just having a sweet tooth.

    122 Music Making - EddictedBrony

    Art image 122
    Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights start on a new song together while under lockdown, a song probably about being under lockdown.

    123 As colorful as the ponies - Chrome Thunder

    Art image 123
    One of my hobbies I've been into since 1990 is glass and porcelain insulator collecting. These separated telephone and electric wires from the poles to prevent "current leakage". While many are so common they're pretty much worthless, others that are extremely rare can have a 5 digit value. I'm not that lucky, but here's some of my most colorful ones from my collection of around 1,500.
    The G1 pony is the one that got me started with MLP in 1983 (I was brony when brony wasn't cool).

    127 Ridin' the Rails - Chrome Thunder

    Art image 127
    My oldest hobby is model trains, which I got into when I was 3 (1980) with my first HO scale train set. And of course when FiM came around, I started making some pony themed model trains, including freight and passenger trains, a model of the Canterlot depot, and a freelance version of.... Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla's house (you can find them on my DA page). I've had the trains setup briefly at a few cons (Midwest Brony Fest, Nightmare Nights Dallas, and HarmonyCon). Hauling blind bag size ponies like seen here.

    128 Autumn Blaze, Are You On My Laptop AGAIN? - SakuraTheKirin

    Art image 128
    So excited to submit my entry! :D Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate it!

    129 Computers! - Windshear

    Art image 129

    130 Flying! - Windshear

    Art image 130

    131 Drawing! - Windshear

    Art image 131

    132 - zuneFX

    Art image 132

    133 - zuneFX

    Art image 133

    134 - zuneFX

    Art image 134

    135 CoViD Rainbows in the Garden - Frith

    Art image 135
    CoViD 19 rainbows, like what people were putting up in the house windows, except on a Gen3 Rainbow Dash plush and a recent cake-topper bank. Both in my garden, where I amuse myself by planting perennials.

    136 A Little More To the Left - Frith

    Art image 136
    Derpy helping out with two hobbies at once. Gardening and photography. Say "muffin"!

    137 MLP is my hobby - Squeaky_Belle

    Art image 137
    My only hobby is to pony pony on EqD

    (and meme)

    138 Okay and maybe cubing... - Squeaky_Belle

    Art image 138
    ...but that was until pony did a hostile takeover

    142 💕 - Sparkle Wave

    Art image 142
    Greetings from Turkey!
    💜Stay at home!💕

    143 - Duel Monster

    Art image 143

    144 Fluttershy plays Video Games - Feather Data

    Art image 144
    Fluttershy playing a video game

    146 Fluttershy at Osaka Castle - dragontelex

    Art image 146

    148 - Aly

    Art image 148

    149 Ponies Help With Art - Frith

    Art image 149
    3rd picture for pony hobbies around the world! Here in Grainbee, Kickbuck, Canterda (where most people speak Fancy), I do the Newbie Artist Training Ground every year. If I'm improving, it's very slowly! I barely manage a pencil sketch by the midnight (my time) deadline. My other hobbies are photography, pony collecting, reading, coin collecting and a bit of gardening.