• Dashie Fanfic Music: Luck Rock - Bad Ending (feat. Drummershy & CategoricalGrant) [Rock]

    Rainbow Dash. Luck Rock. New upload. Enough said, you know you have to check this out if you haven't already! Once again expressing love to other fan creators, Luck invited Drummershy to play the drums on this tribute to CategoricalGrant's fanfic Date-Your-Own-Dashie, and even the author appears in the song! Luck's vocals are a delight and this new song just makes me so happy (the line "Celestia, what do I do~" and how he says it is just to die for), the lyrics are fun and tell a story too (and you know how it will end), and the instrumental full of sweet Tropical vibes just gives you the urge to confess your feelings to Dashie! Dashiiiiie!! Ahem. Yeah, I could just do nothing but talk about my love for ponies in a writeup. Except in this I get to express my love for my fellow bronies and creators of fan works as well!! Love you all everypony, thank you for making this, all my support, keep creating and keep spreading the pony love!
    (my voice in the distance) Come on Dashie, technically you're already in my bed every night as I have a custom-made dakimakura of you... No? Wait! Dashiiiie! BAD ENDING