• Pony Life Theme Song Remix: InfinityDash - Pony Life Zone (16-Bit Sega Genesis-Style Theme Song Remix) [Soundtrack/Chiptune]

    The one and only InfinityDash is back!! If like me, you're an avid appreciator of the BGMs of the show by William Anderson, and stumbled upon InfinityDash's awesome remixes/extended versions of those BGMs, cherishing them to this day, then chances are you're prancing around from joy right now like I was upon seeing this upload. The master returns with a very current and fresh song remixed at that, as it's the Theme Song from Pony Life that we could hear in the newly released trailer a few days ago..! (Edit: This post was made and scheduled before the first episodes of Pony Life aired on Canadian Treehouse! My reactions here.) Not just as fast as Dash, InfinityDash is also as awesome as her, going for a very nostalgic retro-sounding "Sega Genesis" spin on the original melodies. Now if this means even more new remixes from the musician in the future, I say this calls for one hay of a party!