• Equestira Girls: Subs Rock Follow Up

    If I can bring in the differences when it comes to the human world and the pony world, it’s hard to ignore how different the “rulers” are in both. Princess Celestia being a wise leader (at times) with a childlike happiness when dropping the ruler fa├žade and Principal Celestia having a closed door, but still willing to do at least something to protect her students. It’s hard to say whose personality I like the most with Celestia. She’ll have fun trolling moments in the pony world and some funny frustrations and facial expressions in the human world. If anything, it makes her a lot more multidimensional no matter what world she’s in. As for the human world, we get to see the life of a principal and how horribly understaffed she is. The Mane Six became teachers because…it happened. But this principal can’t find teachers in the human world? If I were to give this short a moral, it would be that you can have a thankless job, but still find value in doing even the smallest things for your students. That or to add a disclaimer in teacher applications that include dealing with students with magic powers.

    Still got legs for days, but at least she’s looking forward to being the substitute teacher for…geology. It’s admirable that she would volunteer…or that there are literally no other teachers seen in this school. The only other adults in this whole school are Cranky Doodle, Vice Principal Luna, Cheerilee the teacher and librarian, and Granny Smith working in the cafeteria. Maybe having more teachers could at least prevent the whole magic thing.

    Yeah I think I would’ve been just as confused as most of the class. Even with a substitute, I wouldn’t be able to have a midday nap and do absolutely nothing. But at least Twilight is looking forward to it, even though she never really met the principal formally.

    Celestia: “I love being your principal here at Canterlot High, but I do miss my old teaching days sometimes.”
    Ok I can at least admire still wanting to be more involved with her students as a teacher as well as a principal. But Celestia…what subject have you exactly taught? This is geology, but was this anything you studied before? I can at least say she can just read from the textbook and call it a day so here's hoping the lesson goes well.
    Smiling dismissive Celestia is cute Celestia. So our running gag here is that as Celestia is trying to teach about the three types of rock, she is constantly pulled away to other matters. This time it’s Luna on the intercom. Luna you’re also an authority figure. There are things you can do as Vice Principal. Become a good leader while Celestia is away or you’ll end up turning into Nightmare Moon at the next Student Board Meeting.

    Yes Celestia we are also very concerned with the number of arms Twilight has, but she just really, really, REALLY knows the answer to your question. But enough about Twilight’s reason for getting tons of homework done in 10 minutes. Who’s knocking at the door this time?

    Oh look! The other one of four adults in this school because SOMEONE didn’t hire enough…ok I’m beating a dead horse. Moving on. This is truly the face of “what kind of cafeteria emergency could there be? A shortage of lettuce?” And this wasn’t just a “pause at the right time” moment. She really is just this ticked off. But I’m sure it’s not something the principal can’t handle.

    Ok so maybe it was a bigger problem than even Celestia was expecting. Truly an adult that bit off more than she could chew. And there was a clock that showed how long she was gone for and it was about 15 minutes. What happened in just 15 minutes to turn you into this Sun Butt? What war have you just come from?

    And just to get her even more over the top, let’s add a loud banging noise that cuts off Celestia trying to at least start a lesson. Yeah you won’t see Princess Celly with this face on at any time. This is someone ready to smack a child with two months of detention.

    And here's the one about to get that detention. Rainbow Dash, how are you just outside playing with a soccer ball if classes are supposed to be going on? You’re lucky Celestia only takes your ball and not give you detention. Go to class already.

    We are reaching some dangerous levels of anger here. We’ve passed spilling coffee on your shirt to people chewing food with their mouths open. Can anger be another power that can be harnessed to fight off evil? Because I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t need to deal with any she-demons and soul sucking singers. And all this from a ringing phone.

    When even Celestia tried to get Luna to do something while she’s trying to teach. But I can say she does a great “I’m not bothered at all” act in front of the students. Of course, it helps when you sing-talk while speaking. Makes everything sound a lot better.

    Oh she’s ready to teach now. This is the face of someone born ready to teach. She’s gonna teach the tails off these students. But I also do think she gave Luna a talking to about getting off the video games to help with things around the school more. But Celestia is gonna be a teacher this time. Ain’t nothing gonna stop her from teaching the three types of ro-

    Well…I’m sure the students learned about something here. Not anything about rocks but that everything you do in a school and even in life, you should come up with a back up plan for everything. I’m sure the issues Celestia had to deal with were important, but maybe should’ve had it dealt with before classes? But since they were random and came out of nowhere, I guess you wouldn’t have much control over that.

    Honestly, if it was anybody else but Celestia, it would’ve been a bigger outcry. We’ve seen plenty of characters completely frustrated beforehand so this was pretty tame. Maybe to prevent a certain “other” type of teacher from coming out of Celestia. Maybe one that gives you a ton of homework and if it’s not a B or higher she sets it on fire. As cool as having a teacher names Ms. Daybreaker sounds, I don’t think I’d want that type of energy around me.
    And that was Subs Rock, look into the psychological break down of running a school that has to deal with magic students, and demonic monsters every semester. Celestia is a great leader in general and shows she cares. In both aspects of the show, we’ve seen this character happy, sad, disappointed, angry, protective, motherly, strong, funny childish, understanding, and everything in between. Even as a principal and not a princess of a country, she takes her role seriously and does what she can to keep the school afloat amidst the craziness not all principals would have to deal with. It seems like such a step down from her pony counter-part, but it’s something where she can look over people, help them with problems, and teach a new generation what she knows. Can’t imagine a better person for the job. Now someone start that FIM fiction with Twilight becoming the new principal and her orders are to rehabilitate a student with time travel powers who believes in equality. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go buy some stilts for my own Celestia cosplay.

    (Editor’s Note: Also, the three types of rock are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. You’re welcome)