• Ponies Around the World: Hobbies Edition Results! (Part 2)

    Lets go ahead and extend the inception shall we?

    The second part of this year's Ponies Around the World has arrived with more hobbies to check out. See what everyone is up to below!

    1 Pinkie's Puzzle - Rachel Boden

    Art image 1
    Here is Pinkie (AKA Ponks, Ponka, etc.) working on a puzzle. See how focused she is. She doesn't even notice her human taking a picture of her doing so... :D

    2 My Hobbies - Kat

    Art image 2
    I love to draw, tinker with computers and play with Nerf!

    3 Twilight Studies 1991 Pop Culture - Gabriel

    Art image 3
    Sorry the quality isn't great and it's from the distant past. Pretend that the quality of the video and the picture have been normalized. Now to watch AEW Dynamite on TNT! Cody vs. Darby Allin 2is going to be sweet!

    4 When changeling queens get bored of ruling... - Leo

    Art image 4

    8 Stay Safe, Stay Home - Rainbow Dash - Alberto Garcia

    Art image 8
    Although Rainbow Dash cannot go outdoors during this period to play soccer, she and Dumb-bell can spend the lockdown period until June 1st indoors watching television. Here they are watching Classic Concentration together.

    9 Stay Safe, Stay Home - Braeburn and Soarin - Alberto Garcia

    Art image 9
    Can't go to church on Sundays? No problem. Soarin and Braeburn here show us how to "attend" an online church service during the lockdown period.

    10 Stay Safe, Stay Home - Big McIntosh and Sandbar - Alberto Garcia

    Art image 10
    Can't meet your friends for gaming sessions due to the lockdown restrictions? No problem - nopony said you couldn't keep yourself amused at home! Here are Big Mac and Sandbar playing Grand Theft Auto V together indoors.

    11 Making a human Pinkie in Sims 3. Them Pinkies are helping out too =D - Aileen Sinchioco

    Art image 11

    12 Little pony in a little gondola. - Mayflower train set

    Art image 12
    If you couldn’t tell by my name, I’m big into trains, especially miniature ones. I operate and collect mostly O-gauge electric model trains, from manufacturers such as Lionel, MTH, and K-Line. I’m looking to expand into pre-WW2 standard gauge trains, though I haven’t amassed many pieces in that category yet.

    Anyway I have this short New York Central caboose made by Lionel that I often like to put my Funko POP Derpy figure in, and as you’ll see in the video sometimes even take her on rides. The video and photo are both from 2017; I’ve since moved and that layout is no longer up, though I still have all the trains of course. I apologize in advance for the awkward camerawork.

    (A fun fact for anyone who might remember the I Love Toy Trains video series: those silver-blue-orange diesels and passenger cars on the layout is the exact Spirit of the Century set used in the filming of I Love Lionel and I Love Toy Trains: Roar of the Rails.)

    13 Armory Ponies - Linus M

    Art image 13
    I am a fantasy and medieval enthusiast who's been collecting clothing, armor and weapons for well over ten years. This is my own little armory, that took me a year to finish but now it seems that some annoying little critters have taken refuge in it.

    14 Dash and Battlefield 1 - Bestan H.

    Art image 14
    Rainbow Dash is trying to play battlefield 1 and she thought she was good at it.

    15 My little hobbies - saraviuchiha

    Art image 15
    Luna wants to draw and to play so she do both

    16 Anime is frienship - saraviuchiha

    Art image 16
    fluttershy loves anime

    17 Reading is magic - saraviuchiha

    Art image 17
    twiligth loves a good book

    20 Scoots Launching up some Half Life: Alyx VR - Amethyst Rose

    Art image 20

    21 Flutter-KomBat - Critical-Hit!

    Art image 21
    Images and added in sequential order, the second image might appear squished on its webpage.



    22 Flutter-KomBat - Critical-Hit!

    Art image 22
    Images and added in sequential order, the second image might appear squished on its webpage.



    23 Flutter-KomBat - Critical-Hit!

    Art image 23
    Images and added in sequential order, the second image might appear squished on its webpage.



    24 Pinkie Pie works on her short game - andrew b orillion

    Art image 24

    25 Gardening with Applejack - EddoEditya28

    Art image 25
    Since I'm staying at home and not going anywhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic, why not taking care of my mom's "micro garden" with Applejack? Thanks to my mom who's now interested in gardening, I also become interested with it as well, so I took this opportunity to bring Applejack and snap her while planting some more red peppers.

    April 30, 2020 | Bali, Indonesia

    26 Playing PonyTown with Rainbow Dash - EddoEditya28

    Art image 26
    Playing PonyTown with Rainbow Dash in the evening.

    April 30, 2020 | Bali, Indonesia

    27 Studying With Music - Whistling Spear

    Art image 27
    What a perfect excuse to just study, study, and then study some more. But even then, one can't only do one thing alone, so maybe something musical perhaps? But with so many choices, one can quickly become overwhelmed. After finding something nice to learn, it is a good thing I have all these thick books

    28 My Little Welder: do-it-yourself with Tempest - Black Fox

    Art image 28
    My favourite hobby is creation of objects with iron and car pieces. That's me in my garage creating a new desk with Tempest Shadow!

    29 Ponies Around the World 2020- Hobby Edition - lordalexander74

    Art image 29
    Book fort for a book horse. Featuring guest storyteller Littlepip.

    30 Even Fluttershy enjoys Animal Crossing - Christopher Magbaleta

    Art image 30

    31 Dungeons and Dragons with the pony plushies - Appleglenn

    Art image 31
    I normally meet my friends a few times a month for Dungeons and Dragons. We've moved online for now due to social distancing.

    33 Fusion and Dashie - Sam D

    Art image 33
    Two Rainbow Dashes posing with my Ford Fusion. She's a little too small for such a big car....

    35 Quarantine in Russia - Oleg

    Art image 35
    There are miles of beautiful white sand beaches along the shores of Onega lake in Karelia, Russia. But if you're thinking about swimming, better think again - the water is about 4 degrees Celsius.

    36 Quarantine in Russia - Oleg

    Art image 36
    Those weird symbols on the stone before Fluttershy are petroglyphs of Onega lake made in Bronze Age about 5-6 thousand years ago. They supposed to be images of loons.

    37 Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are enjoying a Jeff Dunham stand up comedy special. - SkylanderDragon

    Art image 37

    38 Rainbow Dash and Spike are doing some reading. - SkylanderDragon

    Art image 38

    39 Titian Spike vs. the Dragonzord. - SkylanderDragon

    Art image 39
    Magic wand, make my dragon grow!


    Now taking all bets.

    40 Baker Twilight - Cocoa Chip

    Art image 40
    I have a sweet tooth the size of Sweeten, One of my hobbies/passions is baking. I get particular pleasure baking sweets such as pies, cookies, doughnuts, etc. So it only made sense to get my new friend Twilight Sparkle involved. She's a natural and she looks really good in a toque. In this collage, I have included several of my past and present projects including homemade doughnuts, a delightful blueberry muffin bread with a homemade sugar glaze, banana chocolate coffee muffins, and Rice Krispie treats. Also included is one fun picture that I took of Twilight dressed up as a chef/baker at the kitchen where I work.

    41 Twilight Sparkle Costume Collection - Cocoa Chip

    Art image 41
    One of my other sorta hobbies is dressing up in period costumes with a particular emphasis in 19th/20th century couture (what can I say? I like dressing fancy). Anyways, Since Twilight and I met at Bronycon last August, We have shared many opportunities to dress up in various costumes from both of us dressing up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving, Twilight Dressing up in her Spartan armor, a Victorian-inspired Christmas getup, a 1920's getup for the 2020 New Years holiday party at my work, Looking beautiful on Valentines Day, Standing next to my fencing class equipment (she tried on the helmet but it was a bit too big), or just lounging in her bathrobe with a cup of tea.

    42 Are we being spied on?! (Zagreb, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 42
    Thorax and Pharynx were made by EpicRainbowCrafts.
    Click the source link for information on/links to the drawings and fanfics included in the photo.

    43 Whodunnit all? (Zagreb, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 43
    Ocellus was made by EpicRainbowCrafts.

    44 Battle simulation (Zagreb, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 44
    Thorax and Pharynx were made by EpicRainbowCrafts.

    45 McFlurry’s Terraria all nighter - The-hidden one

    Art image 45
    Big project in mind. Crystal Empire in Terraria. All night, with some Bang Rainbow Unicorn flavor for the extra burst in energy

    46 Fluttercoding - Average Helper

    Art image 46
    Fluttershy beside my keyboard, making sure I don't mess up my markup too badly.

    47 General Twilight Sparkle - A Shy Brony

    Art image 47
    Oh no! The Changelings are invading Equestria! Only Twilight Sparkle can lead Equestria's armies to victory!

    50 Anime Time (with Fluttershy) - Mention

    Art image 50
    Source: Made in Abyss

    51 - SE

    Art image 51

    52 Steamer and a Steamer - Chrome Thunder

    Art image 52
    Railfanning is one of my hobbies. When Union Pacific's Big Boy locomotive toured my area of Kansas, it made a stop at Kansas City Union Station, and I went there to get pic's, and I brought my G1 big brother pony named Steamer also to get a pic' of him and 4014. Tried holding him with one hand and the camera with another, then a lady who thought it was cute offered to hold him for me.

    53 Sunset vs Trixie - DrakeyC

    Art image 53
    The contest: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    The prize: a date with Twilight the other isn't allowed to crash

    54 Teaching Pinkie the horrors of premoving in online chess - UnknowinglyDerpy

    Art image 54

    55 - DudeNin64

    Art image 55

    56 Fluttershy and her trees - Candlelight Flicker

    Art image 56
    Fluttershy and her trees
    in the top left there's a shot of all her trees lined up,
    in the middle are her avocado trees
    the top right is her lemon sapling
    in the bottom left corner, there's a ginger sprout and a pineapple bush in the early stages of sprouting its next crown
    and finally, the bottom left corner, while techinically not a tree, is a potato plant. but it was green and bushy and i had to include it ^^

    57 Trixie Streaming Rocket League - PadS

    Art image 57

    58 Astrophotography with ponies finding the Orion Nebula - Christopher Seaton

    Art image 58
    Planning tonight's photos, waiting for the camera to connect, and success! And then the astrophoto itself. I cheated a bit, because that's not what it looks like when my tablet links with my camera, and it's the wrong time of year to photograph the Orion Nebula, which would never be in that direction anyway. However, that photo of the nebula is one that I actually took myself a few months ago, using pretty much this exact setup.

    59 Brony Plays A Computer Game - Nick Fischer

    Art image 59
    Today, I gave Brony a go at one of my computer games. Unfortunately, he isn't so good at it. Real easy to see why!

    60 Cooking with rainbow dash - DavinciWolf

    Art image 60
    Cooking Is something I really enjoy doing, and among the many varied dishes I can make, pizza is definitely one of my favorites. Here we have RD Pulling a freshly baked pizza hot out of the oven featuring a pesto sauce made from basil that I grew myself.

    61 Tails of Equestria - EbrithilBowser

    Art image 61
    It's good when there is an easy way to combine your hobby with your Pony-fandom

    65 Lyra and Applejack playing Minecraft - Ambert Ramos

    Art image 65
    I know you two miss Ponyville a lot (especially you Lyra for obvious reasons XD), but can I have my PC back? ^^;

    66 Princess Luna collecting comics - Seahawk270

    Art image 66
    The art on these sketch covers was done by the following people:
    Back Left: Rarity (with teeny tiny Applejack in the background...) by Jenn Blake
    Back Center: Rarity in the Zombie Apocalypse by Andy Price
    Back Right: Rarity fights Zombie Parasprites by Katie Cook
    Front Left: Luna as Dream by Andy Price
    Front Center: Tempest Shadow by Jay Fosgitt
    Front Right: Trixie by Jay Fosgitt

    67 Playing cards with Stratus Skyranger - Matthew Townsend-Farr

    Art image 67
    I think Stratus is a lucky hippogriff. He dealt himself a good hand and I have nothing. Must be hiding something in his talons...

    68 Admiring my Aron Pokémon collection part 1 - Corduroy Road

    Art image 68

    69 Admiring my Aron Pokémon collection part 2 - Corduroy Road

    Art image 69

    70 Tempest and Starlight playing Buddyfight - Exotahu

    Art image 70
    Tempest and Starlight playing Buddyfight. (Tempest using Dimension Dragons/Lost World, Starlight using Time Dragons)

    72 Brony Plays A Computer Game - Nick Fischer

    Art image 72
    Resubmitted to update entry link

    73 Book time with book pony - AstroCycloe71

    Art image 73
    for my birthday, Twilight Sparkle and i decide to spend some time doing the greatest pastime. READING!

    74 Dabbling with some dark arts - AstroCyclone71

    Art image 74
    Overtime, I have developed a fierce passion for Starlight Glimmer and DC Supervillains. Here I have Glimmy and Scarecrow keeping my company while i read my newest comic.

    75 Princess Luna at the Apollo pavillion of Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX - AdmiralSakai

    Art image 75
    Taken back in August before quarantine was a thing.