• Equestria Girls: Too Hot To Handle Follow Up

    With summer here and the heat bringing on more times I should not be eating more ice cream, we have a summer short about trying to beat the heat. Our contender against the scorching sun is the pink powerhouse herself Pinkie Pie. And from this short, I think laughter might be the most powerful element of friendship just by how it can combine with other elements like generosity, kindness and loyalty. Pinkie is true friend and people person and it makes this short kind of heart warming even in 90-degree weather. If I were to give a moral to this short, it would be that making people smile can bring a smile to your face even at some expense. Either that or carry extra money for more sno cones.
    (Editor’s Note: I am a huge Big Mac fan and I can’t help but think this back for the title card might be him and want nothing more than to rub every drop of sunscreen on him and that makes this even weirder. Please don’t judge me. Big Mac is husbando.)

    So in this world, there a thing call Crab Adoption, where you dress up crabs to be adopted as pets. This is happening on a beach…in summer…where restaurants are around…that might be serving crab… I don’t want to go too dark, but if this world is one where everyone is vegetarian, it might not be the world I want to live in.

    Oh wow. Look at that character development. Rarity getting along with crabs in this world. That is a big change to fandom. Not to mention her life’s work wasn’t for owning her own boutique, but for crustacean couture. Though I will admit those color work well for the crab’s maroon colored body and claws. These crabs lookin’ good enough to…uh…adopt. Yeah. Adopt was what I was gonna say.

    I’m sorry Pinkie but even with how good your crab wardrobe is, they don’t recognize you as one of their own. Or maybe that crab just isn’t a tiara type. With the spikey shell, might have to get a studded leather jacket or something punk styled. Tiaras are a no-no here.

    Pinkie: “Maybe if I do the dance of their people, they will recognize me as one of their own.”
    Nice try Pinkie, but I don’t think it’s doing it for the little crabby patties here. I mean, crabs. Not thinking of them as food. Pinkie is going to get sno cones so let’s watch how that works for her and not think about melted butter.

    Yeah, I need someone who looks at me the way Pinkie is looking at those sno cones. And I must give credit to the craftsmanship. Those stripes are very defined and straight. It’s so satisfyingly uniform.

    (Editor’s Note: So I never noticed this on Pinkie’s swimsuit before, but that orange crystal heart is giving me heavy Sailor Moon vibes and now I kinda want a Sailor Moon swimsuit with less pink.)
    And this is the moment where I love Pinkie’s character a lot more than usual. This big ol’ generous heart that can’t stand to see someone without a smile. And the real kicker here is that she didn’t just give away a sno cone with a toothy smile on her face, but with a small “oh well” type of smirk. There was still a small pinch of pain from giving away something that was for her friends, so she felt a little bad about it. But she still got to make someone smile even with a small sacrifice on her part. It’s a touching and mature moment that just so great with Pinkie.

    And what’s less heart warming are these evil bucking seagulls that just want to be vermin to Pinkie. This couldn’t be helped since they’re annoying little sh(yay!)s. Look at the evil in these eyes. That seagull had it out for Pinkie.

    Our next complication is the fact that Pinkie somehow made it all the way to the sno cone vender just fine in her crustacean couture, but didn’t keep on the shoes for it. So now we got burning sand and a very well animated dance out of Pinkie. This girl just cannot catch a break.

    This is pretty good shot of the beach distance Pinkie has to work with. We see her friends over on the far left, there’s Paisley suntanning, Watermelody with Valhallen and…and…


    Well…can’t say Pinkie isn’t inventive in her own ways. I wonder if she learned this type of ball rolling and balance from a curly brown-haired boy carrying around a rubber chicken. Or maybe she learned a lot of these ideas from playing Mario Maker. How does a kite hold up a person like this?

    Oh and points off for not sticking the landing. I’ll give that landing a 7 out of 10. Better next time Pinkie. But I’m sure the sno cones made it out better than she did. Just blow off a bit of the sand on top.

    Rarity: “I hate to say it, but these crabs are getting a bit…”
    RD: “Doooooon’t’
    Rarity: “…Crabby.”

    I am not above puns or using old memes for cringe comedy. But I wanted to especially do it because I would think Rainbow Dash of all people would appreciate a good pun. Rarity does.

    So it seems that the crabs are in a bad mood because they’re too hot. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with the not-so-summer based clothes you put them in. You have a crab wearing black on the beach. I mean…my swimsuit would probably be black, but it wouldn’t be a black evening gown. But you guys know where this is going.

    See I knew one of those crabs wanted a black jacket. Wouldn’t have taken that crab as an Elvis fan though. He’s looking very Jailhouse Rock in that hair. Not to mention this Breakfast at Tiffany’s style on the one on the right. Let me know if the one in the powder blue dress is also a reference because I can’t place it for the life of me right now.

     Super speed: the most OP power that solves almost every problem in life. Follow up fun fact! Trying to screenshot super speed in use can come with very tiring results, but when you get a funny shot, you use that funny shot. This still doesn’t take away how hard Pinkie worked to get those sno cones to her friends. That kind of kindness and generosity is very rare to come by sometimes. Oh hi Rarity and Fluttershy. When did you guys get here?

    And this shot truly sells the moment. Pinkie isn’t upset or angry about how easily her struggles were fixed. She’s laughing is off with a smile and a sno cone because it would be one crazy funny story to tell.
    And that was Too Hot To Handle, a great moment for Pinkie’s character and some pretty funny moment to watch unfold. I can’t say I don’t relate to this a little bit. Trying to do something nice for your friends and having it be more of a struggle than you first thought. And even when it goes crashing down, your friends will understand and still appreciate the thought. But instead we got the quick fix in Rainbow Dash’s super speed. Maybe have it end with them sharing one sno cone that made it and appreciating the effort it took to get it, but this ending felt funnier in the long haul. We got some heart felt moments, some laugh moments, and my inner shipping fan girl came out full force. Seriously, I need more fim fiction on what Derpy and Bulk Biceps can be talking about. And even just the though of him calling her Muffin as a pet name is so cute and precious and…*ahem* moving on. This was a fun short and if anybody isn’t a Pinkie Pie fan after this, then you must need to be locked in a basement listening to the Smile Song for a few months. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to get a sno cone maker for every occasion.