• Newbie Artist Training Grounds X: Day 15

    Fluttershy as Tinkerbell is just so suiting, though I think Fluttershy would have to be just a bit more sassy to really get the Tinkerbell spirit going. Besides Tinkershy here I was pleased to see all sorts of legends, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes today, some that I had long since forgotten myself or had never even heard of in the case of ones that came from other countries. It was quite a learning experience I must say!

    For today's haul we managed to pull in 113 ponies which brings us up to 2113 ponies in total. Onwards to the 3k mark! With the momentum you guys have we should reach it in no time.

    With today's prompt we have finally reached the midpoint for the NATG everyone! First off I have to give a big thank you to everyone who has participated so far, whether it was for a single day, all the days or somewhere in between. Thanks to all of you this has been one of our most successful NATGs in the past couple years, with our daily totals not slipping below 100 so far while others did so around the day 10 mark.

    As such, tonight's prompt is a classic fun one that is a carry over from Phoe's days doing the NATG. Phoe always did love videogames so today's prompt is our classic Draw a ponyfied version of your favorite book, game, ect / Draw a pony sharing their favorite thing with another pony.

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    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload

    Art Tutorials

    2 Atg202014 - ManDuMustBasukaNemen

    Art image 2
    "Sweet Porridge"

    3 Rarethur - Celerarity

    Art image 3
    The sword and the pone

    5 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 2020 14a - Meto30

    Art image 5
    Prompt 14, "Draw a ponified fairy tale / legend", seemed to imply that the original tale must be non-pony(so that it could be ponified); I decided to twist the prompt so that requirement won't hamper the flow of narrative. My response is that of an Equestrian legend, Star Swirl the Bearded. In the latter pages of ATG2018 Star Swirl the Bearded heard of Tiandriel, Twilight, and Sunset's plan to track down the Sirens, and asked to accompany them, as Star Swirl felt responsible for the plight of both the Sirens and their human victims, seeing as he was the one who banished the Sirens to the human world. Sunset here discusses that event, the circumstances of Star Swirl's banishment spell and the use of the human world as a "dumping ground" for dangerous Equestrian magic.

    6 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 2020 14b - Meto30

    Art image 6
    Prompt 14, "Draw a ponified fairy tale / legend", seemed to imply that the original tale must be non-pony(so that it could be ponified); I decided to twist the prompt so that requirement won't hamper the flow of narrative. My response is that of an Equestrian legend, Star Swirl the Bearded. In the latter pages of ATG2018 Star Swirl the Bearded heard of Tiandriel, Twilight, and Sunset's plan to track down the Sirens, and asked to accompany them, as Star Swirl felt responsible for the plight of both the Sirens and their human victims, seeing as he was the one who banished the Sirens to the human world. Sunset here discusses that event, the circumstances of Star Swirl's banishment spell and the use of the human world as a "dumping ground" for dangerous Equestrian magic.

    9 Sleeping Ebony - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 9
    After having pricked her hoof on the spindle a cursed spinning wheel, the princess suddenly fell into a deep sleep, which would have lasted for 100 years. Luckily unbeknownst to her, she had a handsome prince coming to her rescue with his true love's kiss that would ultimately break the spell for good and they would live happily ever after!

    11 ATG 2020 - Day 14. Horse od legends - RainbowDash1804

    Art image 11
    It's the Misstres of the Copper Mountain from Ural myths.. But she's a horse

    12 The firebird - Quint-t-W

    Art image 12
    Inspired by a fairytale: Firebird ("Pták ohnivák") stealing golden apples.

    13 - deletethis

    Art image 13

    14 Campfire Tails - Termyotter

    Art image 14
    Telling a ghost story? Got it! Well, werewolf story in this case. Oh, did we mention we have an effects budget for this story? Oh, well, we do.

    15 Ponified Icarus - Just Art Random

    Art image 15
    This one was bit rushed since I forgot I still have a life to live and stuff to do. So here's my take on Icarus as a pony.

    17 The Giant's Causeway - MachoPony

    Art image 17
    TL:DR Big bois build causeway to fight, irish one sees scottish is much bigger, dresses up like baby and scottish one flees in terror not wanting to meet the daddy if the baby is that size.

    18 The Tortoise and the Mare - nagoluckyart

    Art image 18

    19 Dinky's Ghost Story - GoggleSparks

    Art image 19
    The scariest story of them all.

    20 Anonfilly Ghost - flutterkind

    Art image 20

    21 Goldilocks and the 3 Dazzlings - Rapidsnap (GJM)

    Art image 21
    Did Goldilocks really pay a visit, or is Sonata being her forgetfulself

    23 Dashie Do? - Yelowcrom

    Art image 23
    It was supposed to be Daring Do but you know me...

    25 Shakesphere - Soobel

    Art image 25

    26 Starlight Glimmer in Die Sterntaler - Daimando

    Art image 26
    For this one, I thought of the Brothers Grimm in a nod to "Die Sterntaler," or the Star Taler, or Star Money. In that story, a little orphan girl gave away everything she had due to her altruistic nature. As a reward for her generosity, she was rewarded by the stars with a new shift of the finest linen, plus enough money to be rich for the rest of her life. Here, we have a take on a variation I saw when I was a kid, based on a picture that an artist did.

    The main difference is that Starlight Glimmer(Or rather herself as a filly) is the child who gave everything away, and would be rewarded for her generosity. In order to make this shot feel magical, I had to go with a monochromatic color scheme on the background, all while rendering the moon and stars with a noticeable glow. If I get enough demand, I may do a storybook-like variation of this involving the characters of my MLP Universe.

    27 A Very Happy King Sombra - Leopard NDF

    Art image 27

    29 Cinderella - Frown Factory

    Art image 29
    time taken: 1h 50min

    30 NATG2020 - Day 14 - Odin - DarkDabula

    Art image 30
    "Don't look at me like that !"

    31 Goddess of the Hunt - NotADeliciousPotato

    Art image 31
    Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.

    (I just really wanted to draw a whole lot of blue, OK? It's my favorite color lol)

    32 2020 NATG 14 - fairy tale - C||R

    Art image 32
    Raven stole all the light of the world from the Sky Father because he kept it in a box and the world in darkness; and it was a hassle finding anything or going anywhere.

    34 Rapunzel - Ragmo

    Art image 34
    Today our heroineis stuck in her tower... must be pretty boring... and she can't visit the barber. Maybe in modern versions of this fairy tale she's stuck in there because of a pandemic... I hope she has enough toilet paper.

    37 Purple Pony Purim - dzamie

    Art image 37
    Haman, played here by Trixie, has noticed that Mordecai, played by Twilight, has not bowed down to her. In fact, she refuses to do so. Trixie is unimpressed by her morals, and plans to murder every single Jew for this. I guess in this version, Spike would be Esther?

    Y'know, this probably looks really concerning without context.

    39 Ghost story? - LizardWithHat

    Art image 39
    ... this story is already to creepy form me!

    40 2020 ATG Day 14 - Sugar-Loop

    Art image 40
    Giselle from Enchanted in her blue curtain dress <3 span="">

    42 Rub-a-dub-dub - llametsul

    Art image 42
    insert lennyface here

    48 Day 14 - Ponified Fairy Tales/Ghost Story - Caneighdian

    Art image 48
    Butterfly isn't very good at ghost stories.

    49 Tangled - Juanita Taylor

    Art image 49
    Discord makes a pretty good Flynn/Eugene, don't you think?

    50 the call - t72b

    Art image 50
    there are some ancient and terrible secrets that a ponies mind are not meant to hold

    53 And then I said BOO!!! - Zeal Crown

    Art image 53

    54 A Summer Sun Night's Dream - phallen1

    Art image 54
    The Summer Sun Celebration comes around, Princess Luna is feeling left out and being sullen, and some fey little pony calling himself "Puck" approaches Princess Celestia offering to get Luna off her back and have a little fun. One thing leads to another, things get a little out of control, and next thing you know Luna is magically in love with Trixie who's been turned into a donkey.

    55 Twilight and the Beanstalk - Taurson

    Art image 55
    NATG2020 Day14 today's prompt is to draw a ponyfied version of a fairy tail so of course I would chose Jack and the Beanstalk ^^

    56 Story - Ohemo

    Art image 56

    59 Not so spooky story - PianoCube

    Art image 59
    Rainbow is getting excited by her spooky story, but Starlight isn't quite feeling it.
    First time drawing 2 ponies instead of 1 for one of these, and it took way too long. Tried to experiment a bit with expressions here.

    60 - Scarfanon

    Art image 60

    61 NATG 2020 - Day 14: Pony from a Fairy Tale - tallaferroxiv

    Art image 61
    Here I'm drawing another pony that's gonna be totally fine.

    62 Gone to Hell - Allonsbro

    Art image 62

    64 A Novel Explantation For The Brown Mountain Lights - Skypause

    Art image 64
    I really struggled with her snout and ears being cute and round enough...

    She's not supposed to be Luna but she did kind of ended up looking on her!

    Critique welcome!

    67 Ravepunzel - Pony4Koma

    Art image 67
    Who am I without my sexy bun and dowdy glasses?

    69 - Pirill

    Art image 69

    70 Jack and Jill - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 70
    Jack and Jill went up the hill,
    to fetch a pail of water.
    Jack fell down,
    and broke his crown,
    and Jill came tumbling after.

    I love dark nursery rhymes ^.^

    73 Ooo! - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 73
    AJ tells a spooky ghost story!

    77 The Legend - vaser888

    Art image 77

    78 Run run run, as fast as you can! - Dex

    Art image 78
    You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread filly!

    79 The Photographer's Account - MLT

    Art image 79
    Seeing an astral being for yourself would likely be a spellbinding if not fearful experience given their shear size.

    80 Yak and the Beanstalk - Faith?

    Art image 80

    81 - Lorewolf

    Art image 81
    Part 1

    83 Needs more Pargon - Lagarto

    Art image 83
    Her name's Grimoire.
    She likes dark magic and horror stuff.

    84 I swear it's not Dross - Minty Treble

    Art image 84
    El Silbón, El Silbador, The Whistler. He carries his fathers bones on his sack, and if he catches you, you will suffer the same fate. You can rest if you hear him close, cuz he is miles away... but beware if you hear his whistle in the distance... HE IS ALWAYS MUCH CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

    85 Mysterious Pony - Cornerback Fluttershy

    Art image 85

    86 - Th3iPodM0N

    Art image 86

    88 Lil Red Delivering Bread - MalixCrash

    Art image 88
    I wasn't really feeling today's prompt cause I was excited about yesterday's and I missed it cause I spent the whole day designing a new character.

    So here's an uncolored red riding hood.

    This was also posted on twitter!

    89 am big - SOENJAY

    Art image 89
    I've been reading Fallout Equestria with some friends and Mac is regarded as a war hero and legend. I tried to find the actual quote on his statue plaque, but I couldn't so I settled on a quote that my friend Faith? came up with.

    92 - ponyhell

    Art image 92

    93 Legendary - Frith

    Art image 93
    I had not drawn Twilight in her future full-power form and since I figure she could be considered a living legend, all I'd need would be to depict her looking powerful. Then I saw the end-credits drawing of Celestia from the Movie.

    94 Little Red Apple Bloom - Novaintellus

    Art image 94
    Beware the Wolves teeth Little Red!

    95 Don't climb the Stairs - Sparkyler

    Art image 95

    96 Day 14: Lighting is hard - ArkaDarp

    Art image 96
    i'm not nearly good enough with pencil to achieve the desired effect

    98 Scary StoryOcean Streak

    Art image 99
    Based off the scene in Red Riding Hood where the hunter cuts open the wolf to save the people the wolf ate and replaced them with stones, all whole the wolf slept. I don't know and doubt there are hunters in MLP, so I replaced him with AJ.

    100 Thimbleshy - Rainspeak

    Art image 100
    Thumbelina + Fluttershy

    102 Are you a fairy? - EnigmaDoodles

    Art image 102
    Not really based on any specific fairy tale, but I felt like it fit the prompt! Radiant Hope, a lonely little girl, discovers a creature with butterfly wings and immediately assumes he's one of the fairies she's always believed in. Unbeknownst to her, he's actually the prince of a fear manipulating race of shadow creatures. Together, they form a lovely friendship, and maybe even something more...

    Sure seems like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

    103 Rumpelhorseskin - SazerLite

    Art image 103
    I probably shouldn't have picked Rumpelstiltskin for a quicker drawing.

    106 NATG X - Day 14: This is what true horror looks like! - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 106
    For today, I decided to draw a digital art piece. I have begun drawing one for Day 12 as well, but that turned out as too massive to finish in a day, so it's filed as a long-term project.
    This picture here is simpler, but it was such a joy to draw it! Noi is one of my favourite ponies and fillies, just like I do, Noi has a passion for zombies, so I feel especially close to her! <3 14="" a="" also="" and="" bit="" day="" decided="" draw="" fairy="" for="" general.="" ghostly="" has="" headless="" horror="" horse="" i="" imagination="" in="" it="" legend="" loves="" much="" noi="" not="" nursery="" of="" or="" ponifed="" pony="" prompt="" raw="" rhyme="" s="" she="" since="" so="" span="" stories="" story="" stretch="" tale="" telling="" tells="" that="" the="" thing="" to="" who="" zombies="">

    107 Story Time with Rainbow Dash - SupermarineSpitfire

    Art image 107

    108 The Two Sisters - Tigerett

    Art image 108
    I'm sure that nothing distracting will occur when in the company of multiple baby animal companions.

    109 NATG Day 14- Always Arrive in Style, Darling - Sloppy Steve (8-bitBrony)

    Art image 109
    This is a gif, please follow the link to my DA to see the full animation!

    110 the leyend of the fairy and the wizard - ZetaMad

    Art image 110
    la leyenda del hada y el mago (the leyend of the fairy and the wizard) is a song of the band "rata blanca", when I read "draw a ponified fairy tale, nursery rhyme or legend" I don't know why is the first thing that came to my mind

    111 Robin Hoof - JustShyr

    Art image 111

    112 - Twilightning Storm

    Art image 112
    Applejack gives a horrifying telling of "The prissy ghost who drove everypony crazy with their unnecessary neatness."

    113 Pony Sekibanki - thattagen

    Art image 113
    It's Touhou's own rokurokubi, Sekibanki! In Japanese mythology, rokurokubi were women under a dark curse, whose heads would detach and float around on their own while they were sleeping. The ones with extending necks preferred pranks and lamp oil, while the ones with detached heads (nukekubi) went for blood!

    Twitter: Calpain