• The New Deviant Art Eclipse - What Do You Think Of It?

    Deviant Art has pretty much been the go-to hosting platform for pony art since the very beginning. Twitter has slowly been taking over as a secondary base of operations due to allowing different material, but most artists still regularly upload their pony work to good ol' DA.

    As with most websites, they have released a mandatory update called "Eclipse" that introduces a more modernized interface compared to the one we've all been using for over a decade. Unfortunately, this has been met with a pretty good amount of resistance as people aren't too fond of the new changes.

    Criticisms include bugs people have run into, core features disappearing, the black theme being default (note: you can change it back to green), and the overall design looking pretty close to Artstation.

    Personally, I'm slowly getting used to it. I still prefer the old style of the site with it's dedicated background boxes, but it's not as jarring as some other updates sites have done in the past.

    What do you all think? Is Eclipse something you will get used to? Or do you want old DA back?