• FINAL UPDATE: #ScowlsforScope Fundraiser Campaign Raises $19,561!!!

    A couple of hours ago, the two day #ScowlsforScope fundraiser campaign came to a dramatic close!

    This community banded together to raise $19,561 to help ScopeGuardPony take care of his mother during a time of immense hardship. Full details about what is going on (and info on how to donate) can be found here.

    The grand total raised for Scope with this fundraising campaign may not have been known had twitter user not Jade Muse took it upon themselves to keep track of all the twitter auctions as they were happening.

    The full breakdown can be found after the break. But before you all dive down into that, there's just one thing I want to say first.

    I am incredibly proud of this community.

    Show/Comic Staff Auctions

    • Katrina Hadley: Tomas F. (@DaedalisticType): $1,800 {Bonuses: Whinny City PonyCon promised to match the winning bid, so an additional $1,800, and provide the winner a private meeting with Katrina at their con (or digitally if the person was not attending)}
    • Trish Forstner: Techy (@Techycutie): $600
    • Andy Price: Snivian Moon (@SnivianMoon): $1,200
    • Nicole Dubuc: hunterz263 (@hunterz263): $500
    • TheBiggestJim: Wintersham1 (@Wintersham1): $4,100 {Bonuses: Big Jim, astonished by the support, extended 3 commissions to the Top 3 bidders who lost, those being Thomas F. (@DaedalisticType) $4500 [lost the main bid because they responded 1 min too late], Wintersham (@Wintersham1) $4100 and Sunchaser (@sunchaserpony) $3100. Sunchaser declined because they won Tony Fleecs auctions and could not afford both}
    • Tony Fleecs: Sunchaser (@sunchaserpony): $1,100 {Bonues: EFNW is adding $500 and Niall of the Nine (@Niallofthe9ine) sent in $300 because he was outbid. DynamiteRave66 also agreed to the same deal as Niall and donated $300 while ChaosLeoTwix (@ChaosBronyLeo) added and additional $150.}
    • Agnes Garbowska #1: Freyfaxi --- David D (@freyfaxibrony): $333
    • Agnes Garbowska #2: Zebra (@MLPMediaFrenzy): $350 {Bonuses: Due to confusion over the winning bid, 2nd place ChaosLeoTrix (@ChaosBronyLeo) submitted his donation of $325 anyway}
    • Sara Richard: Jack "Fox" Grayson (@jackgraysonfox): $600
    • Katie Cook: Niall of the Nine (@Niallofthe9ine): $400
    • Katie Cook: Also offered up Andy Price for bid. Coasterbrony (@Coasterbrony): $50
    • Gillian Berrow: Tomas F. (@DaedalisticType): $500 {Bonus: Tony Fleecs sending original art}
    • Dusty Kat: During his stream, Dusty Kat offered up a Rainbow Dash Dice Box that he had made. Gallop-a-Gus (@ajnrules) won the item at a bid of $303.

    Fan Auctions:

    • @LightningDust6 #1 (plushes): Tomas F. (@DaedalisticType): $100
    • @LightningDust6 #2 (figure): Deadparrot222 (@Deadparrot222): $150
    • Vee (@VeeliantVee) ended the auction with no bids.

    Ongoing Events:

    • Scribbler (@ObabScribber) with @TheLostNarrator, @GutiuSerenade, @LunaFarrowe, @Thelifeoncl0ud9 are auctioning off a fanfic reading in full cast style. Max 10k words, no clop, no underage, etc. Ends May 2nd 4AM PST (converted from May 2nd 12AM BST). Current bid as of 4:15 MST was HeartlandPicker (@HeartlandPicker): $600.
    • Gathering Dust (@GG_Dust) is auctioning a flocked welovefine Derpy, out of stock since 2014, ending May 2nd 7PM PST (converted from May 3rd AEST). Current bid as of 5:30 MST was ChaosLeoTrix (@ChaosBronyLeo): $325.
    • Crystal (@thecrystalring) has started an auction for a one-of-a-kind MLP paper lantern commission, ending on May 4th, 9:59PM PST. Currently as of 5:30 MST, there are no bids. Opening bid of $20.
    • DustyKat: During stream, he revealed that he has paired up with Sophie Scruggs for custom made pins with 100% of all costs paid so that ALL revenue goes directly Scope and his family. They go on sale soon.


    • Tomas F., to round out his donation, added an additional $100.
    • The total donations from this main portion is an awesome $19,561

    Jade Muse's sheet can be found here, with all the according links, and will exist until one day after all auctions end.
    Equestria Daily owes a big thanks to Jade Muse  for compiling and totaling up this one. I tip my hat to you Jade.