• Tempest Shadow Day - Open Art Compilation!

    Open art arrives! I've also included the miscellaneous submissions with this one, since we didn't get a ton of that, so expect those at the very bottom. The entire top part is all art though! Thanks to everyone for contributing to make her day awesome!

    Go get it all below.

    [1] Source

    Tempest Day 2020 - From Darkness to Light by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

    [2] Source

    by llametsul on Twitter

    [3] Source

    by Fizzban on Twitter

    [4] Source

    Tempest Shadow by RaphaelDavid

    [5] Source

    Tempest and Abacus: The tale of Two Sisters by daimando

    [6] Source

    The Lost Sister by daimando

    [7] Source

    by llametsul on Twitter

    [8] Source

    Tempest Shadow Day 2020 by RoyalSmurf

    [9] Source

    Tempest Meets Dragapult by TheEpicKyurem

    [10] Source

    Komodo Tempest Shadows 1 by danparkerstudios

    [11] Source

    Komodo, Tempest Shadow and Gila by danparkerstudios

    [12] Source

    Tempest Shadow by ChatNoir1475

    [13] Source

    Last Ever Tempest Shadow Frame by AceWissle

    [14] Source

    Firelight Feels by RainbowFoxxy

    [15] Source

    Tempest Shadow as Ruby Heart (Marvel vs Capcom 2) by DON2602

    [16] Source

    Frickin' Temmy! by RainbowFoxxy

    [17] Source

    Tempest day 2020 by LeavingCrow

    [18] Source

    Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Hailblitz

    [19] Source

    Twist by johnerose126

    [20] Source

    A Cover Is Not the Book by JazzyTyfighter

    [21] Source - Deletethis

    [22] Source - Edgypone

    [23] Source - Fourthwalldash13

    C'mon Tempest, it could be worse

    [24] Source - Disney 25

    [25] Source - Ocean Streak

    [26] Source

    [27] Source - Tempest Light

    [28] Source - Linette

    [29] Source

    [30] Source - Derek

    Non-Drawing Section

    [30] Source

    Renaissance [Fanfic] poster version by Lux-The-Pegasus

    [31] Source

    Open Up Your Eyes [Timelapse] by Lux-The-Pegasus

    [32] Source

    Love Throungh The Eyes by Lux-The-Pegasus

    [33] Source

    Tempest Shadow and Glitter Drops by Metallic-Roselle

    [34] Source

    Commander Tempest Shadow's Mission by XvClumsyBusPonevX

    [35] Source

    A Bleeding Heart by WizAhmad


    Tempest Shadow Day by AndoAnimalia

    [36] Source - Black Fox

    [37] Source - Piccolo Sky

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders have dealt with all kinds of ponies having trouble finding their true calling in life, but none can compare to the special request they receive from Princess Twilight Sparkle herself, or the shock they receive on discovering who it is: Fizzlepop Berrytwist, possibly the most hated and feared pony in generations. Can a pony who's spent most of her life rejecting her true calling possibly find it now? Can the Cutie Mark Crusaders help a pony who almost everypony else in Equestria has rejected?