• Pony Rap Music: Pony Abstract @ Ponies Online 2020 [Hip Hop]

    Pony Abstract raps with so much pony passion all those pony lyrics, you just have to see this! And not just expressing love for ponies, he's also spreading much brony spirit! And those freestyle/improv parts are so cool and impressive too! There's just so much to appreciate in this live performance available now as a recording on YouTube (as you can guess by the length of my comment there!), and I can only hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did. As Pony Abstract rapped about, ponies are forever! And I was certainly singing about that pony love with him whenever he called for it in the gig! Attending this live must've been something for those who managed to catch it! So much pony love and brony spirit in this video!! This is why I love pony rap music! Let's join Pony Abstract in the celebration of those common feelings, and make sure to subscribe to him, he's still so criminally underrated with only 89 subs at the time of writing this!

    (Explicit lyrics warning)