• Equestria Girls "Music to My Ears" Follow Up

    I’m pretty sure a good rule of thumb to have when a special or movie is coming out for EqG is that if there is a music video involving a random character, chances are that character is gonna play a major role in that movie/special. It happened with The Dazzlings and their video “Find the Magic” for Sunset’s Backstage Pass and it happened with this one featuring our favorite possibly mute DJ Vinyl Scratch. And I even have the challenge of discussing this with no lyrics at all. Just dubstep music. This will be fun.

    So I did find this a bit interesting. The fact that even with this world having smart phones she still has something similar to an iPod or MP3 player. Don’t know if it’s one of those things that holds more music than her phone or maybe she’s one of the rare cases where she doesn’t have a phone. I mean if she were to have a phone it would have to imply that she’s at least talked to someone. Ok thinking about it that way, maybe the iPod was the better option to use due to possible continuity upkeep.

    I won’t deny being like this when playing music out in public or while walking to somewhere. It can’t be helped with a good beat and just wanting to strut to it. And in Vinyl’s case, it makes ordinary life seem a bit livelier.
    Yeah if there was one gif I was dying to find, it had to be this traffic cop with these slick moves. His name is Kurt Marshall and somehow looks like Flash Sentry. Odd they would choose his color scheme for this one shot. But that would also make for an interesting backstory for Flash. He wants to be a rock star but his dad wants him to become a police officer like himself. Where’s that Lifetime Original Story?

    Gotta love that random convenience that every little thing Vinyl is experiencing is on beat with her music. From birds chirping to car alarms going off. Everything is so upbeat and fast. Though it doesn’t look like that cat is having a good time.

    You know, as much as I see Indigo Wreath walking his dog, I don’t know if there was a name for him. If anybody can come up with a name or know where they’ve given him a name, do let me know. This dog gets more screen time than a lot of background characters sometimes.

    At least with this music video, we see that Vinyl is actually a sociable person. You would probably have to be as a DJ, but even this little fist bump with Heath Burns is pretty cool to see. One thing though. In this scene specifically, Heath gives her a fist bump, puts on sunglasses, and ducks into the doorway of some unnamed building. I have no idea why this happened or where he was going but it just baffles me even now.

     So if you need any more random teleporting characters, Rose Heart goes from playing with an umbrella outside (no idea why) with Blueberry Cake to having tea with Scott Green and this is all going from outside this coffee shop to inside. And having everything go into slow motion to match the music doesn’t help this super speedy red head. And that’s a lot of honey for that one cup of tea.

    Obligatory main character shot that won’t matter in this music video.

    I want to say this place in the human world is more of a coffee shop than the bakery in the pony world. I can’t really remember if there was any coffee serving at Sugar Cube Corner, but I’d like to think this was more of a modern take on a traditional bakery so we can still have it run by the Cakes. And I do like Mrs. Cakes’ design for her human form. Very cute and giving off an I Love Lucy vibe.

    I guess Thunderbass and Golden Hazel needed a reason to march their way to class. How this works and they can’t hear Vinyl’s music directly is beyond me.

    Cranky Doodle is strict with the timing of his class, but if he is not serving up so much sass in this one pose just to hold the door.

    Yeah I’ve been there before, too. And it had to be with the principal no less. But there’s always an upside to these down moments of being forced to deal with reality.

    Ahh earbuds. Getting away with just about anything if you know how to hide it well. The seer stealth of having them on during class is what kept me awake though teachers that sounded like Ben Stein to me. And now that there’s no wires on a lot of them, you can get away with other things. Trick is, teachers are aware of it and if you’re not careful, you might have your hand covering your ear too long for anyone to ignore.
    And that was Music to My Ears, a look at what goes on in the quietest character the show has ever produced. Even quieter than Fluttershy. I love the music and it really does get you moving to the beat. And with so many more musical background characters in EqG, it sucks that we didn’t get more moments with them together. The original show at least gave a small shout out to the musicians like with Octavia and Vinyl living together in “Slice of Life”, but that didn’t really happen in the human world. But the human world had rock music and rock based characters so that wasn’t too bad a trade. Not to mention Rainbow Rocks probably being one of the best movies to happen and it was literally the second movie after the first one (which was…experimental). But thanks to Vinyl Scratch, she became a great asset to defeating The Dazzlings and getting her school back to normal. Oh and I guess Sunset helped with that, too. So be sure to show them some love for the upcoming musical pony day I’m Penny Wrights and I have a lot of MLP music remixes to jam out to.