• Equestria Girls: A Fine Line Follow Up

    It will always trip me out that this world is so big into video games. I mean I know it’s the human world and the pony world can be a bit more old school, but that’s not to say there isn’t technology in that world, too. It’s just not being used for endless fun like video games. I can say that I really do love these shorts when they include all the Humane 7 and that they’re not just standing around in the back waiting for something. Funny how that’s what this short is exactly about. Best moral of the short would be that no matter how grueling something is, if you do it with your friends, it’s less painful. That or always get things pre-ordered if you have the money for it.
    (Editor’s Note: It took me a minute to think of what kind of controller or handheld device this was in the title card. Closest I could come up with was for the PlayStation Portable Go device dating back to 2009. Talk about a time capsule.)

    Tirek’s Revenge 2 video game. I wonder if that also includes an evil power hungry Pegasus and a shape shifting queen. But at least he’s getting some recognition in the human world. The season 4 finale had probably the most epic fight scene ever animated in the show and probably needed to be done in a video game. This game might also include a pre-reformed Discord since this maze is giving me season 2 premiere vibes.

    I think it had to be Black Friday if I were to ever think of anyone setting up a tent to wait in line. Granted, it’s a huge line and fold up chairs would feel like a must-have in this situation. And somehow acrobatics was needed? I have no idea why that is happening.

    We also have our favorite couple Lyra and Bon Bon, Derpy being her usual interesting self, foam sword fighting, and Rose Heart napping in a hanging sleeping bag. I have no answers on why this was animated.

    *ahem* Excuse the outburst of my fangirl side. I do find it interesting that these two would be the ones Sunset runs into while waiting in line. Maybe they get along better after the A Banner Day short. But somehow left out Flash Sentry since he was also in that short with them. Very interesting.
    (Editor’s Note: which name would work better? Sandle Chips or Micro Wood?)

    Oh my Luna all this friend shipping fuel! We get it guys. Sunset is alone in line. This is killing even me right now. At least we got Derpy to sit down after all that juggling while unicycle riding. Why that had to be a sentence I type out is beyond me. And I’m glad Rose Heart is out of her hanging sleeping bag well rested and with a cup of coffee. Nice.

    Sandlewood: “Sometimes things get out of hand when you’re having this much fun with your BEST FRIEND!”
    You know it’s strange. I’m getting the weirdest vibe from them with how strong they’re hammering in the “best friends” thing. I have no idea why but it just brings back memories of rushed wedding planning and secret agents. I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually.
    Turns out they don’t mind waiting in line with Sunset for something not all of them might not even want to play. Friendship in a nutshell. And it’s pretty convenient that Rainbow Dash ran probably around this whole mall to find everyone and get them here. Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie don’t even work at the mall. Wonder what they were doing that whole time if Sunset was already at the mall and didn’t know it.

    We’re gonna assume this make up is cruelty free and non-animal tested to make sure a certain rights group doesn’t egg my house.  Spike will be looking like a newborn puppy in no time.

    I’m really glad this is in montage moment with no sound because this would probably sound like a nightmare. No amps for sound, random drumming and tambourine doing the same beat, and somehow a microphone that’s also not connected to anything.

    Game guy denies you of your games and only telling you as you walk in instead of any sign saying it’s a limited amount. And you can’t complain to the manager because he is the manager. No really, did they have to even get the peach fuzz facial hair this accurate.

    This face…this face is the face of a troll. Literally could have given her that game the whole time they were in line since she had it pre-ordered weeks ago, but pulls it out of her hair by the time the line ends and the game is sold out. Pinkie, who purposefully waits in line and calls it a line party?

    Sunset: "You know what’s the best about this game?"
    AJ: "The quests?"
    RD: "The power ups?"
    FS: "The revenge?"

    Fluttershy…who hurt you? Where did that even come from? Just from the description of the game I can assume it’s probably an RPG (role playing game). Some of those games have animal characters and pet sidekicks in them. Where was that comment? Maybe Fluttershy got more into gaming after being on Sunset’s gameplay video, but wow. And this face with the music sting. This came from somewhere.

    Sunset: “It’s multiplayer!”

    So it’s got to be an RPG game. Not like we haven’t seen post after post, picture after picture, of who the cast would be in terms of RPG characters. Pinkie is a bard, Fluttershy is an animal trainer, Rarity is a rogue and/or assassin, etc. See now I just want to see them play this game. Or at least the first one where there’s fireballs everywhere and they have to destroy him with random magical items like a spool of thread, a medal, a flower, and a rubber chicken.
    And that was A Fine Line, the experience of waiting in line without actually waiting in line. I’m always up for slice of life shorts that’s just the characters being normal in the zaniest way possible. I’ve had to wait in lines like this to get into a concert so I know how tiring it can be when you don’t have something to distract you. But having friends with you helps ease the loneliness and let you hang out more at a boring time. Cute short, random situations, and possibly a new ship forming before our eyes. I can call that a great and successful short. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some zombie fighting and leveling up to do.