• 34 Fanfics to Read for Flower Pony Day!

    They found the fanfics you wrote about them. Poor girls.

    We've got another set of fanfics from Whisper Key. Check them out below if you want something to read today!

    Slice of Life

    Growth by LimeAttac
    Florists take good care of their plants, especially Rose. Eventually she comes to learn that while flowers grow and die, with enough care and attention they can learn to love, too.

    Redécouvert by Wanderer D
    Coco Pommel and Roseluck have avoided each other for several years, and during that time memories and reasons have festered into every imaginable reason as to why it would be best for them to stay the hay away from each other. Fate sometimes has a different idea of how things are supposed to go.

    Zip and Zing and Azaleas Too by Impossible Numbers
    Lily wanted to be an explorer. Roseluck wanted to be an inventor. Daisy just assumed they'd end up running a modest, boring little shop. Guess who was right? But Daisy's (reluctant) desire for normality isn't enough to drown out her childish dreams.


    How To Dominate Your Neighbor's Lawn by Wallflower Blush
    A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule.
    -Michael Pollan
    Even when faced with the rise of Tirek and the loss of her own cutie mark, Roseluck never fails to tend her lawn.

    Concerned, of Ponyville by SacredSturgeon
    The Flower Trio is quite done with it. They're tired of all the trouble befalling Ponyville. But when they send their strongly-worded letter to the Ponyville Express, they soon find they've unleashed a monster.

    Welp... I'm an Alicorn Now by Flutterpriest
    Roseluck is an Alicorn now, and she really wants Twilight's advice on the subject.


    Of The Valley by Archonix
    Sooner or later, everyone finds their way to Roseluck's flower stall. And then they leave.

    The Rose by Bradel
    Roseluck’s husband Ember receives a gift on their anniversary: a rose taken from the Everfree Forest. When Roseluck grows ill and the rose begins to change color, Ember struggles to understand.

    Ghost of a Rose by Noble Thought
    The world around Roseluck is slipping away piece by piece. Color drains away, fear creeps in, and an empty town hides a secret she is afraid to face.
    When all that remains are memories of family, friends, and fleeting moments, a friend tries to help her hold onto them before they fade away.
    Before she fades away.

    In Amber Clad by Lucky Seven
    Going through difficult life events is hard enough as it is. Add in the cacophony of ponies constantly reminding you of it, and you've got an even tougher situation on your hooves.
    Roseluck knows this from experience, but so does someone else...

    Routine's Regrets by Sinrar
    Caught in a routine and feeling like she's going nowhere fast, Roseluck longs for something more.

    Grow me a Garden of Roses by Flint-Lock
    Roseluck's been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Everytime she's about to fall asleep, an overwhelming sense of loneliness swoops in and snatches it away.
    The fact that she's looking after a creature from the stars doesn't help.
    With nothing better to do, Rose heads out to her greenhouse for a little late-night gardening, hoping that a little time with her beloved flowers will help her fall asleep. As she works in the greenhouse, she sees her unusual houseguest is also having trouble sleeping. That, and he's holding a noose...

    The Place I Feel Safest by Lucky Seven
    Roseluck's garden is more than just a flowerbed. It's a reminder of times long since past.

    Remember Me by Avox
    Spike's been feeling down on himself lately. Perhaps a flower might help?

    A Hearth's Warming Tragedy by Seven Fates
    Broadhoof Memorial Psychiatric Hospital is a short and long-term care facility for some of Equestria's most vulnerable ponies. For them, every day is a struggle with their illnesses, be it intense bouts of depression or violent outbursts. Whatever the patient's condition, there is one thing they all hold in common. Everypony gets lonely sometimes.
    For the panic-prone Lily Valley, her stay at Broadhoof marks the first Hearth's Warming without her sisters at her side. With all of the side effects of her medication, being moved to a higher security wing, and the lack of support from her family, it'll take a Hearth's Warming miracle to prevent this from being the worst Hearth's Warming ever.

    The Last Petals Of Our Lives by Regidar
    Roseluck's job as a flower pony sometimes requires her to head off and arrange flowers for certain venues: weddings, parties, and funerals. Out of the three, funerals appeal to her best; they're quiet, ponies leave her to her business, and they pay well.
    Called to arrange flowers for a Canterlot funeral, Roseluck gladly accepts. After all, it's just going to be another funeral, right?

    The Princess and the Rose by Chris
    A look at Rose's social life and obligations, framed against a classic Equestrian fairy-tale from her childhood.

    No One Is Taking My Wings by Chesterfeather
    Most pegasi enjoy simple lives in peaceful towns. Happy families, many friends, and the bliss of soaring freely through open skies.
    What if one pegasus filly was robbed of her home? Her family? Her own wings?
    Join Roseluck in her final moments as a pegasus, before her life in Ponyville, while she recollects key moments of her life with her old friend Rainbow Dash.


    Make Our Garden Grow by BillyColt
    Sir Colton Vines III owns one of the largest vineyards in Equestria, but for all the money he's made on agriculture, he's forgotten his love for the growing things of the earth. When he decides to clear away a public park to expand his vineyard, Daisy, a flower seller, stands up to him.

    My Limitless Lily by Allonsbro
    When bad things happen, we get past them and move on. But what if the thing that happens is really bad?
    Money Shot tells the tale of the time a terrible tragedy befell his marefriend, Lily, and how she overcame a great loss.

    Night Rose by Grand_Moff_Pony
    The sun has set, the moon has risen, and crowds fill the ancient streets of Marecelona to celebrate the night away. Among them walks a solitary mare in a long red coat. Few notice her, but those who do know exactly why she is there.
    She is there to dance.

    Late Bloomer by An Unimpressive
    In an Equestria where it is more than okay to be gay, Roseluck finds herself without a special somepony of her own. However, change in the form of an earnest, yet odd, quills and sofas salespony is on the way. The only problem is this: he's a stallion. And Roseluck's no filthy breeder, is she?

    Of Apples and Roses and Thick Purple Proses by Ravensdagger
    Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. But mine, the story of my life, is far from interesting. My hobbies, my work, my cutie mark, all are dull. Flowers and poems ruled my life, until I fell in love.
    My name is Roseluck, and this is the only story I have worth telling.

    Feast of Love by ObabScribbler
    Braeburn is a stallion from a family of workaholics. He is determined to make sure Appleloosa becomes a thriving, successful town no matter what - even if the cost is his own health.
    Lily is a nervous mare who is scared of her own shadow. She has lived through Nightmare Moon, Discord, a dragon, an ursa minor, plus whatever else has attacked Ponyville this week. She would much rather stay home in her nice, safe garden with her nice, safe flowers than venture outside her front door - but her friends have other ideas after reading Iron Will's latest book.
    When Braeburn is sent away from Appleloosa to stay at Sweet Apple Acres for the sake of his health, nopony would ever have imagined the two would meet. Yet the yearly celebration of the Spring is Sprung Feast provides the stage for a very unconventional love story.

    Budding Rose by RoseluckyCinor
    Roseluck has won a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala. Will the solitary mare remained rooted in her past or take a chance at growth outside her garden?

    A Rose For Luna by ocalhoun
    Finally, Roseluck's special project is complete. Now, it's time for her to request an audience with Princess Luna, and see if her rose really does give her luck.

    Thorny Words by Distaff Pope
    Lovestruck just wants a night alone to work on the next great romance novel. Unfortunately, her roommate's bad date is getting in the way.

    Lágrimas del Corazón by Marcibel
    Sometimes a little tequila can make things a little clearer and a lot more complicated, be it about one's future or one's past.
    And Berry really needs to stop drinking at work.


    In Bloom by Pascoite
    In a yard, all alone, a pony whiles away the time caring for the lawn and the roses. Roseluck can understand that, to a point. And she's determined to help.

    Lilies of the Field by Hap
    Lily brings happiness to other ponies, one flower at a time. But when that happiness dies the next day, what was it really worth?


    Guardians of the Old Forest by ocalhoun
    In the deepest corners of the Everfree Forest, shapes move in the dark. Secrets are kept safe under ancient trees, and glowing green eyes herald the doom of anypony foolish enough to seek them out.
    Roseluck has no interest in the secrets of the old forest's guardians. She only wants the vital ingredient for healing her sick friend, Lily. But when she and Daisy go in search of it, they find more than they bargained for. The treasures of the deep forest are not undefended, and a war is brewing under the shadows of the trees.
    A story of adventure and discovery in a place where nopony has gone before.

    Lure of the Flower by Impossible Numbers
    Roseluck: arguably the smartest, bravest, and most outgoing of the three, though that isn't saying much, given the competition.
    Lily: a paranoid nutcase with both a severe desire for attention and, unfortunately, an equally severe case of social anxiety.
    Daisy: the bland, sensible one who runs things in the background, pretending she isn't as terrified as the rest of them.
    Together, they are the Flower Trio, as craven a bunch of marginals as one could hope to find. At least they have each other. But the business slump and their own trigger-happy neuroses combine into a swarm of pests, devouring the flowers of their friendship, slowly but surely destroying something beautiful and precious.
    Just when they're hoping it won't get any worse, Daisy falls into a deep sleep at the counter of the florist's. She doesn't wake up.
    Now it's up to her friends, Lily, Roseluck, and Doc – the most scientifically gifted pony in Ponyville who isn't Twilight Sparkle – to find out what's going on in her mind… and whether or not they can even bring her back. Or at least bring back the Daisy they know and love.